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Tra Vinh is located in the Mekong River Delta, which is surrounded by two rivers — the Cổ Chiên River and the Hậu River—and the southern side of the province faces the sea. Over the last 30 years, the cultural, social and economic sectors of Tra Vinh province have witnessed a dramatic change, and local people’s lives have been incrementally yet substantially improved in many ways. The province’s educational system has also significantly improved, helping to train students in different fields and creating a driving force for industrialization and modernization in the province, in the Mekong Delta and in Vietnam as a whole.

Tra Vinh University pays special attention to improving international integration by pursuing research and international cooperation activities and by meeting the quality assurance requirements of international organizations for standardization of training programs.

Up to now, TVU has proven to be one of the top universities in the Mekong Delta by achieving accreditation from international standards organizations like AUN-QA, FIBAA, and ABET. 15 programs have been accredited in total. 07 programs accredited by AUN-QA include Agriculture, Aquaculture, Animal husbandry; Nursing, Laboratory Medicine Technique, Pharmacy, and the Khmer language. In addition, 07 programs have achieved FIBAA accreditation, including Business Administration, Economics, Law, Accounting, Finance-Banking, Master of Business Administration, and Master of Economic Management. The Information Technology program within the School of Engineering and Technology has also been accredited by ABET standards. TVU’s goal is to continue to achieve relevant international accreditation for all its programs.

According to WURI Rankings (which stands for World Universities with Real Impact), in 2023, TVU ranked 43rd out of the top 100 universities that have a positive influence and contribution to society; 11th out of the top 50 universities that value of entrepreneurship and innovation; ranked 34th in the Top 50 for international student exchange and cooperation, student exchange opportunities between foreign educational institutions (Student Mobility and Openness); ranked 18th in the Top 50 for open connectivity, digital transformation, and integrated applications (Fourth Industrial Revolution); ranked 29th in the top 50 for managing sustainable development values (Crisis Management); ranked 49th in the top 50 for ethical values and 45th in the top 50 for scientific and technological applications (Industrial Application).

Over consecutive years, TVU has also been listed in the top 200 sustainable and green universities according to UI GreenMetric rankings. The university has also applied effective quality management systems according to ISO standards, meeting requirements for ISO 9001-2000, ISO 9001-2008, and ISO 9001-2015.

This application is for international students applying to all programs at TVU. Before submitting your application, we invite you to learn more about TVU programs and the admission requirements on the website Programs and courses


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All applications, transcripts, and additional forms become the property of Tra Vinh University and are not returned, whether a student is accepted or not. The only exception is where a document is deemed to be irreplaceable. If submitting such a document, please request its return at the time of submission.

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Entrance to university is determined through the high school learning outcomes - GPA or the High School Graduation Examination. The candidates should get at least GPA B ( ≥ 8.0 by Grade 10) for B.Sc. in General Medicine, or at least GPA C ( ≥ 6.0 by Grade 10) for the rest of undergraduate majors.

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Students applying for more than one program must submit an application for each request; however, only one set of transcripts will be required.

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