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Congress of Vietnam-Canada Friendship Association in Tra Vinh, term 2012-2017

In the afternoon of July 1st, 2012, Congress of Vietnam-Canada Friendship Association in Tra Vinh, term 2012-2017 was held at workshop 4, Tra Vinh University (TVU). The Congress was honored to welcome Mr. Tong Minh Vien - Deputy Chairman of Tra Vinh People’s Committee coming to direct the Congress.

Mr. Tong Minh Vien (on the right of the final row) gave congratulation flowers to the members of the Executive Board  

Vietnam-Canada Friendship Association in Tra Vinh is a socio-political organization of Tra Vinh People. It is the member of the Union of Friendship Organizations in Tra Vinh and the member of Vietnam Fatherland Front in Tra Vinh. Located at 126 National Road 53, Tra Vinh city, Vietnam-Canada Friendship Association in Tra Vinh was formed with the main tasks focusing on education and training, strengthening the friendship between Vietnamese and Canadian and the prosperity of the two countries.  

In its previous term, the Association completed all the tasks proposed such as the exchange between the two nations, investment opportunities for Tra Vinh, bringing the images and people of Tra Vinh to Canada and building the connection for people in Tra Vinh and Tra Vinh people living in Canada, etc.

One participant gave his personal opinions at the Congress

In this new term, the Association proposed some new tasks such as promoting the propaganda, calling for investment and support from different organizations, entrepreneurs and individuals in Canada, especially, looking for cooperation opportunities in researching, culture exchanges and education exchange with privilege Institutes or universities, etc. The participants of the Congress voted 19 members for the Executive Board and Dr. Pham Tiet Khanh was voted to be the President of the Association again and three other members were voted to be Vice presidents of the Association.

  Dr. Pham Tiet Khanh reading the determination of the new Executive Board  

On this occasion, Vietnam-Canada Friendship Association in Tra Vinh held an exchange meeting with some musical items and games aiming at introducing Canada and its people to the members of the Association as well as the students of TVU.

  Students and lecturers of TVU at the exchanging meeting on Canada Day.  

Thanh Sơn

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