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Taiwan University to join force with Tra Vinh University

TRA VINH – On December 8th 2014, Dr. LiawSy-Sang, Director of International Collaboration, Chung Hsing University of Taiwan and his delegation visit Tra Vinh University with the intention to collaborate academic activities.

 Chung Hsing Tvu


This is the first time Chung Hsing University visits Tra Vinh University. Over the past years, TVU collaborated with three Taiwan partners including Phung Giap, Nghia Thu and National Medical Taipei Universities.


Dr. Sy- Sang Liaw expresses his wish that desires the two sides to obtain a long-term cooperation between the two schools soon, and encourages TVU students to study and research in Chung Hsing University.


He added: “Annually Chung Hsing University has the International Summer School program for international students. Tra Vinh University can also join this program in 2015. This is an interesting cultural exchange program making chances for students better understand Taiwanese culture.” 


Chung Hsing University also mentions some training programs in two stages on Agricultural Business. TVU students can study for the two years at TraVinh University then two years at Chung Hsing University, or two years at Tra Vinh University then one year at Chung Hsing University and one year in New Zealand. Chung Hsing University cooperates with a school in New Zealand for this program.

Translated by Phạm Thị Diễm Thi

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