Intercultural Exchange Activities at TVU

 TVU – 14 April 2016, in collaboration with two Canadian interns, the Department of International Collaboration and Project Promotion officially launched a series of Canadian – Vietnamese cultural exchange activities lasting from April to June 2016.


Ms. Jill Deighan introduces multi-cultures in Canada to the students

The first cultural exchange activity was organized at the Lab School for “multi-cultures in Canada” on 14 April with the participation of more than 150 high school students.

Two Canadian interns, Ms.Jill Deighan and Ms. Karissa Chandrakate, in turn conducted exciting and meaningful presentations ranging from multi-cultural features in Canada including the diversity of Canadian cultures to the global issues such as climate change.

In response to the Canadian volunteers, the Vietnamese high school students joyfully used English to introduced Vietnamese culture such as food, languages, and traditional holidays.

The students were also interested in seeking for practical advise from Ms. Karissa, an environmental engineering major working on climate change projects, on how to carry out environmentally friendly activities in the classrooms and at home.

This activity is one of the three cultural exchange activities initiated by TVU’s offices in collaboration with Canadian volunteers and interns to promote mutual understanding between students and academics of the two nations. The up-coming cultural sharing events are going to be conducted on 12 May and 09 June 2016.

By: Ngoc – Tai, Huynh


Ms.Karissa Chandrakate presents global climate change


Students share Vietnamese culture to the interns


Students are interested in difference between the two cultures



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