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The 4th Asian- Australian Dairy Goat International Conference takes place in Tra Vinh University in October 2018


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Seminars on Environmental Protection and Climate Change held in Tra Vinh University

TVU- On December 1, 9 and 15, 2016, three Canadian interns, Stephanie A. Sorowka, Georgina Alonso, and Allison Kader from Marine Institute enthusiastically delivered their presentations on how to protect our environment to over 450 TVU students.

Ms. Sorowka

Beginning with general information about protected areas in Canada, Stephanie A. Sorowka raised students’ awareness of environmental protection in Vietnam. “For the health of the world and in turn, ourselves, I hope we can all continue to protect our land and sea. Show you care!”, Ms. Sorowka left a message.



The second session is Georgina Alonso’s presentation. She focused on impacts of climate change to our life. She emphasized that climate change has affected animal populations and their migration patterns.

In order to cap up the seminars, Allison Kader provided the participants with the importance of natural resources. Thanks to natural resources, GDP is increased, more things are produced, more people are employed and international trade is implemented in higher level.

The presentations provided the students with knowledge about impacts of climate change and helped to increase their awareness about environmental protection.


By Hong Kel  



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