Swinburne and TVU: International friendship backbone to a more sustainable future


TVU, January 9 – The International Sustainability Project between Tra Vinh University (TVU) and Swinburne University of Technology (SUT) enters its fourth year of collaboration for environmental promotion and sustainability project today at TVU’s Campus One in Tra Vinh City.


The Project, known as the International Green Campus, is designed to promote awareness about environmental issues surrounding the region of Tra Vinh, as well as cultural understanding and empathy exchange between Australian and Vietnamese cultures.


The day started with a workshop that consisted of both TVU and SUT students and staff. The aim was to promote cross-cultural engagement in the hope of formulating feasible sustainability projects that would be implemented by the community in Tra Vinh and TVU Board of Management.  


TVU and SUT students cleaning up Ba Om Pond t
TVU and SUT are cleaning up Ba Om Pond

After only a couple of days, relations between the TVU and SUT students have shown just how important international collaboration and understanding is when it comes to environmental development. Forming a comprehensive understanding between different cultures helps to ensure the success of environmental and social initiatives.


Trieu Khai Hoang, a second year English student at TVU currently involved with the project, provided a valuable perspective on its importance. “How do I protect the environment? I see the problem about the environment and I want to have a solution to solve the problem. I also want to know about Australian culture.”


“I wanted to make a change. I wanted to engage with a different culture, break the language barrier. I wanted to see the world from a different perspective. Reach out to people. Share the love,” said SUT student Alana.


“I am very happy, I can improve my English and make new friends. I can also learn about workshop skills. And I think in the future the environment in Tra Vinh will be better, because of the awareness promoted by this project. So I think the environment will be good,” Dang Nguyen, a second year dentistry student at TVU shared. 


Whilst the initiative is still in its early days this year, student testimonials already show just how important engagement like this is when it comes to international development. An all-inclusive understanding of a culture goes a long way to ensure ongoing cooperation between people. 



News by Thai Thi Tieu Mi

Photo by Alodi Nodi


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