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The 4th Asian- Australian Dairy Goat International Conference takes place in Tra Vinh University in October 2018


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Tra Vinh University holds a seminar on shipbuilding

 (TVU) –23 April 2017, a seminar on shipbuilding was held at Tra Vinh University with participation of many entrepreneurs coming from Japan and Vietnam as well as TVU faculties and students.   




Dr. Nguyen Tien Dung, TVU Vice Rector delivers his speech


Dr. Nguyen Tien Dung said: “The seminar helps entrepreneurs, scientists and educators have great opportunity to discuss co-operative potentials for development of shipbuilding in Tra Vinh. It is also good chance for students to widen their knowledge about this field and enhance their awareness about job opportunity on shipbuilding in future.”


Takauchi company and Tra Vinh University are going to co-operate to develop curricular and train faculties on shipbuilding. By the way, the experts share how to approach advanced technology on shipbuilding in Japan.


“We are willing to co-operate with you all to develop shipbuilding in Tra Vinh and Mekong Delta”, said Mr. Yoshiaki Hirohata, shipbuilding expert coming from Japan.




Mr. Takeuchi Saburo, Director of KMK Company, Japan discusses co-operation opportunities between Tra Vinh and Kawasaki on shipbuilding.





By Diem Thuy

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