Bilingual dictionary project validated

(TVU)- October 26, 2017, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Education and Training, Mr. Bui Van Ga - Chairman of the Project Validation Committee of Viet-Khmer, Khmer-Viet bilingual dictionary presided the project evaluation meeting.



The Deputy Minister congratulates the compilation team


Viet-Khmer, Khmer-Viet bilingual dictionary compilation project is a scientific work carried out by Tra Vinh University under the overall management of the Vietnamese government.  This project has also received the massive supports from Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sport in Cambodia in the dictionary consultancy and editing.


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Sy Tuan- member of the project validation committee said: “In addition to the valuable consultancy from experts, the project has been undertaken scientifically on the basis of empirical research, achieving the standard of a modern dictionary.”   


The Deputy Minister highly evaluated the intensive work of this bilingual dictionary compilation team, attaining the set objective and meeting the demand of learners, especially students and community. This compilation work was conducted based on the modern method ensuring both quality and quantity of a bilingual compilation project, especially this dictionary completed in the event of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of Vietnam-Cambodia diplomatic relations.


Source: Giáo dục & Thời đại



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