Tra Vinh University school of Medicine-Pharmacy attended the training course "Health Care for the Elderly" in Japan

(TVU) - On October 28, 2017, Tra Vinh University (TVU) teachers and students began on their first day in the training course "Health Care for the Elderly" at the Shikahara No Sato Health Care Center, Sanyo Fukushikai Social Welfare Corp. (SFSW), Japan.




Mr. Yoshimasa Tomiyama-SFSW chairman and Mr. Yoshio Fukui-Director of the Shikahara No Sato Health Care Center welcomed TVU delegation taking part in this training course.


This activity is within the scope of the Memorandum of Understanding between TVU and SFSW; in which TVU is a training institution for nursing and adopts the training program in elderly health care from its partner. The SFSW will offer TVU students short-term training programs in the elderly health care and receive qualified nursing graduate students to work in Japan.


At the meeting, the SFSW chairman emphasized that he will support the TVU trainees during this course and hoped that they will prepare the necessary conditions for working in Japan after graduation. He added that the SFSW will introduce employment opportunities for students and expect many students to join such courses in the future.


In this course, TVU students had the opportunity for Japanese cultural experience and acquired communicative skills with the elderly. They highly appreciated this training course as well as apprenticeship opportunities in the SFSW, bringing great opportunity for TVU faculty members and students to broaden their professional experience and career orientation.



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