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SFL Students Spearhead “We Are The World” at Tra Vinh University

Dec 14, 2017. Coming back for its 14th year at Tra Vinh University, the School of Foreign Languages presented its annual music live show on Thursday night in the Campus One with a variety of genres devised and played by students, faculty and alumni.


IMG 9044 TVU


This year’s Get-Together centered around the theme ‘We Are The World”, which was inspired from the magnificent lyrics and excitement that Michael Jackson brought to the world in his 1985 masterpiece We Are The World.


The show opened with a drum break, setting the stage for the ‘Blood Sweat and Tears’ played by a group of year 3 English majors. Next, the dancers rocked the campus with marching renditions of popular hits, such as ‘Despacito’, and ‘Oh Holy Night’ and ‘Last Christmas’ by the Filipino interns.


A group of 10 staff and students from America, France, Korea, Taiwan and Vietnam stormed the stage with the soundtracks and theme from the most favorite Michael Jackson’s We Are The World.


From there, the signature for the show was marked when French lecturer Dorothee Dejardin and American ex-staff Ben David Kahn stole the show into the realm of classical rock ‘Hotel California’ with the reverbed sound of the guitar, the Eagles' best-known song.


With the aid of the breathy and backing vocal of senior Lam Quang Phuc Binh, students were exploring the commonality of storytelling in Vietnamese culture by transforming the story of Cinderella into a happy ending.


Also making an appearance was the French, Korean, and Mandarin duos by local students and international teachers. They displayed lyrical skill by freestyling along with dancing.


In the spirit of the show’s diverse talent, the students even ventured into fashion territory by displaying colorful clothings designed and catwalked by themselves.


Before the show, Professor Pham Tiet Khanh, the Rector, thanked the performers with his best wishes for the coming Year.


IMG 8723 TVU

TVU students and international lecturers calling for better together through Michael Jackson's We Are The World. 



IMG 8760 TVU

French lecturer Dorothe and American ex-staff Ben Kahn rock 'Hotel California'.


IMG 8797 TVU


IMG 8979 TVU


IMG 9064 TVU



News: by Aloki Nodi

Photos: Son Nguyen

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