TVU students motivate Tra Vinh youth to improve health through street workout

Tra Vinh street workout, which attracts 50 participants, has been established in this province for 6 months by TVU students in the purpose of improving physical and spiritual health for TVU students in particular and for Tra Vinh youth in general.


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 TVU student Lê Ngọc Tiến, School of Economics and Law has introduced street work-out to Tra Vinh youth. Tiến said: “I used to go to the gym. However, I have then found that work-out is one of the easiest sports because of its basic movements. Nevertheless, this exercise is very frustrating since it is certain to get pain at the beginning of practice. It requires the endurance and strong passion of the participants”.


“It was easy for our son to get sick because of his weak resistance. Fortunately, his health and his communicative skills have been much improved after participating in this work-out,” said a parent.


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By Diem Thuy

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