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Tra Vinh University (TVU) is one of the External Collaborators of the Columbia Magnetic Resonance (MR) Research Center

(TVU) – We would like to announce that Columbia University has recently selected Tra Vinh University as one of the external collaborators of its advanced Magnetic Resonance (MR) Research Center located in New York City, USA. Tra Vinh University is the only research organization in Vietnam that will be participating in the development of Accessible MRI scanners.


John Thomas Vaughan 


Harvard University is another external collaborator of the Columbia MR Research Center.

According to a 2008 report from the World Health Organization (WHO), 90% of the world does not have access to MRI technology. In addition, the number of scanners per million people in the two most populous countries (China and India) is significantly less than in Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) countries. At the recent MRI workshop at Tra Vinh University, Dr. John Thomas Vaughan, Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Radiology Department, Director of the Magnetic Resonance Imaging Center, and Principal Investigator at Columbia's Zuckerman Institute, discussed “Accessible MRI Technology” – Delivering MRI to the World: Significance, Challenges and Potential Solutions. Dr. David Nghiem, Founder and Chief Scientist of Global Wireless Technology, Inc. also discussed MRI Compatible/Safe Technology for medical implants, including pacemakers.

Dr. Hoa Minh Nguyen, Dean of the School of Engineering of Tra Vinh University, firmly believes that this collaboration with the Columbia Magnetic Resonance Research Center will be an excellent opportunity for both teachers and students. Dr. Nguyen appreciates the strong support that Tra Vinh University has from both Dr. Vaughan and Dr. Nghiem.


Minh Nhut

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