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k1 In the afternoon of August 5, 2011, student party cell – belonging to the Party Committee of Tra Vinh University cooperated with the Party Committee and the campaign Command of Tap Ngai Commune, Tieu Can district to organize party admission ceremony for 13 Summer volunteers of Tra Vinh university. At the ceremony, there presented Mr. To Van Dang, Vice Party Secretary of Party Civil Affairs Committee, Tran Vien Phuong- member of Tra Vinh Provincial Youth Union, Comrade Le Van Don, Deputy Party Secretary, Vice Rector of Tra Vinh University, Comrade Nguyen Chinh, Deputy Party Secretary, head of Administration Office, campaign Committee of the commune, district along with the volunteer students in front Tap Ngai commune .

This is the striving effort of 13 students - in learning process, k2 practicing and movement activities in the Youth Union-Association at TVU. This result also confirms the growth  of the Student Party Cell.

Attending and speaking at the ceremony, Mr. To Van Dang is honored 13 students becoming member of the Communist Party. He also confirmed that this is the good environment for the students continue to offer and promote the spirit of volunteering. He suggested student Cell giving all conditions to continue fostering the new party members to become the official party members. 

The new party members guaranteed to Party Civil Affairs Committee, the Party Committee of Tra Vinh University and Student Cell to strive to learn, to practice better to deserve a Vietnam Communist Party member.


News: Thanh son, photo: Mai Xuan

a1 In the morning of August 1st, 2011, Mr. Nguyen Tien Dung, Vice Rector of TVU and representatives of Departments, Faculties and Centers have welcomed the Delegation of Higher Education Project 2.

Higher Education Project 2 (HEP 2) is one of the projects to improve teaching resources, training and research including the development of human resources and investment facilities.

Tra Vinh University is one of 22 universities in the country has bee n invested by the Project with a total cost of USD 1.2 million and deployed since September, 2008 with the a2 direct beneficiaries are Faculty of Agriculture & Aquaculture, Faculty of Engineering & Technolo gy, Faculty of  Economics, Laws and Foreign Languages ​​. The trip objectives was to assess the impact of the project on Tra Vinh University.


Through direct survey, the team members highly evaluated the effective apply through investment from the project. The evaluation team recommended the continued exploitatio n o f equipment, development of resources for proper purposes bringing efficiency to the unit. Ms.Tieu Thanh Thuy - Director of Center of Teaching and Learning of TVU reported that at present the school has done and achieved 90% of the project index.

On behalf of TVU Rector Board, Mr. Nguyen Tien Dung welcomed the visit of the evaluation team and had the commitment the project will be continued to be deployed as planned at Tra Vinh University.


News & photo: Thanh Son

image001 On the morning of August 9, 2011, Tra Vinh University, opened the contest of good teachers-school year 2010-2011. Mr. Nguyen Tien Dung, Vice Rector of TVU, Head of the Organizing Committee attended the contest and gave the opening remarks.

The contest of teaching is one of the annual activities of the school, creating conditions for teachers to improve teaching skills, to implement innovative teaching methods so that the quality of training will be improved. The contest has been held three rounds from subject units through class image003 room observations then 16 teachers won the first, second, third prizes from the faculties participating in the school round of the contest.

As assessed from the contest organizers, this year classroom  o bs ervations from the subject units were conducted strictly and have had shares and drew experiences, the number o f teachers participated in the round of Faculty also increased. The contest contributed to objective evaluation of teacher’s teaching ability which helps the school have a plan of training and improving teaching skills for teachers in order to carry out the objective of improving the quality of teaching - learning.

The contest will close on August 12, 2011 and the awards will be announced on the occasion of Vietnam Teacher's Day on November 20, 2011.

News & photo: Thanh Son

ffsdimage001_2-qpr In the afternoon of May 30th, 2011, TVU Youth Union held a Conference to sum-up the first six months of 2011 on youth work and student movement ; preliminary 03-year implementation of Resolution 25 NQ / TW of the tenth Party Central Committee “On strengthening the leadership of the Party for youth work in the period of industrialization and modernization”; totally sum-up 05 years of the campaign “Tra Vinh Youth study and follow Uncle Ho” period from 2007 to 2011.
Attending were Mr. Ho Minh Trien - Member of Tra Vinh provincial Youth Union, representatives of cells of party from Offices, Faculties, Centers, and nearly 100 youth union members of TVU Youth Union, Student Association, Youth union from branches, student association units, clubs, groups.
Over 03 years of implementation of Resolution 25 NQ / TW of the tenth Party Central Committee, TVU Youth Union has introduced 1051 outstanding youth union members attending new member of Party course, introduced 189 members to the Party considered. The number of elite groups are admitted to the Party is 109 individuals, in which 57 was  students.
During implementation, various contents have been widely deployed to numerous union members, student association members, students under various diversed forms . Most officials and union members, all school youth, especially the key staff members have studied through academic seminars on the morality of Uncle Ho Chi Minh, participating in the contest "stories about Uncle Ho ", writing diaries  doing and following as Uncle Ho... was deeply imbued with noble lessons from the example of Ho Chi Minh on the basis of self-awareness that the direction of trying, the sense of cultivating ethical training, lifestyle, sense of responsibility to uphold , determined to study and follow Uncle Ho's teachings. Perceptions and actions of union members and young people have become evident progress, showed in specific jobs, contributing to organization of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union, Students Union more powerful, step by step moral foundation, a new lifestyle in youth.
With these encouraging results, TVU Youth Union has awarded certificates of merit and  certificates of honoring 35 good students who have done as Uncle Ho on 06 fields such as studying and training; the youth union work and student movement of the school; voluntary movement and the social work; research; culture art and sport.

At the conference, TVU Youth Union has identified key task in 2011 and 2012 is to continue mobilizing and making plan to deploy  Resolution 25,  implementing activities under the five criteria for training and 10 criteria acting associated with the quality of the organization of  Youth Union and union members.

The conference was one of the activities to celebrate the 05th anniversary of Tra Vinh university and 10 year Community College model.

News and photo: Thanh Son


                                            TVU Rector Board and Representatives from DU at the Ceremon


                                                 TVU Rector Board and Representatives from DU at the Ceremon


On July 17, 2011, at Lecture hall 1, Tra Vinh University(TVU) coordinated with the University of Da Nang (DU) held the opening ceremony for university classes - course 18 and graduation ceremony for college classes- course 16 majoring in Primary Teacher Education Distance learning. Attending the ceremony were Asso.Prof.Dr. Le The Gioi - Deputy Director of the Center of Continuant Education (CCE) – the University of Da nang, Dr. Pham Tiet Khanh - Rector of TVU; other TVU Vice Rectors and representatives of the departments of TVU, new College Bachelors and new students of course 18.

In recent years, TVU and CCE-DU has linked to open many classes in the form of distance learning, contributing to raise the professional level for the teaching staff of the province, carrying out ​​the sl ogan "Bringing the quality education to the community."


                       sso.Prof.Dr Le The Gioi giving diploma for a new Bachelor

At the ceremony, Dr. Truong Si Quy – Head of Academic Affairs Office of CCE, UD congratulated and publicized decisions to recognize students who matriculated university degree in form of distance learning - course 18 between the two schools. Also, TVU gave diplomas for 540 New Bachelors - Course 16 majoring in Primary Teacher Education who have completed college course distance learning system.


         Mr. Vo Hoang Khai-Vice Rector of TVU congratulated new Bachelors and new students

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Vo Hoang Khai - Vice Rector of TVU congratulated the students who have just matriculated and New Bachelor of course 16. He also noted the results of cooperation between UD with TVU gaining in the recent years, hoping the relationship between the two units increasingly tight and durable. On behalf of Rector Board, Vice Rector Vo Hoang Khai promised to create favorable conditions to support the training to meet the teaching and learning, contributing to the training objectives and standardizing the staff, meeting the learning needs of the local and region.

News & photo: Thanh Son

  TVU Rector Board and Representatives from DU at the Ceremon
eeimage005 In the morning of 13/07/2011, Center of Student Education in Defense and Security of TVU organized a practical tour group for more than 100 students and teachers of Padagogical Faculty  to pay a visit Ho Chi Minh sea route relic in Truong Long Hoa commune - Duyen Hai District - Tra Vinh province for meeting and interacting with the soldiers of the Border Guard 622.
At the meeting, the students were introduced by the soldiers about the history of the Frontier Post 622, their duty to guard the frontier and protect the islands of the country. The tour group has been sailed by the ship of Flotilla 2 to visit Tra Vinh coast, and listened to the presentation about the island, the way to identify areas of internal waters, territorial sea, and continental shelf of Vietnam, etc.

In the tour, students have also attended a talk about the situation on the East Sea, through which they would have more consciousness and understand the real situation of the country, avoid unreliable public opinion and have responsibility for what to do before the current situation.
According to Mr Phuoc Minh Huan - Deputy Director of Center of Student Education in Defense and Security, the tour actually helped students of TVU have more knowledge of the sea island a aaimage003 nd help them love island, home country more and train their consciousness, responsibility for protecting the sea island, the territorial sovereignty of the country, contributing to carry out the political taks, security and defense of the school students.
News & photo: Thanh Sơn

ffimage001 On 2nd July, 2011, Center of Linkage Training – Tra Vinh University in collaboration with Ho Chi Minh City University of Physical Education and Sports (UPES) held a closing ceremony and gave diploma for 85 New Bachelors of university physical education (K2). 


Attending the ceremony were Assoc.Dr. Huynh Trong Khai- Rector of Ho Chi Minh City University of Physical Education and Sports; Mr. Vo Hoang Khai-Vice Rector of Tra Vinh University, Mr. Duong Phat Quan-Director of the Center of Linkage Training, teachers from two schools and new bachelors.

This is the linkage training course between UPES and TVU; most of the students have been teachers teaching in the secondary schools in the province. The aim of the course was to raise the level of professional qualification for teachers of physical education, and gradually meet the training needs of the schools in the province. The total number of the course was 89 students, of whom 85 students graduated, 93.51% ratio. Assoc.Dr. Huynh Trong Khai has congratulated the New Bachelors and hoped they would continue to strive hard in the education of the province; he also acknowledged the support of the Center of Linkage Training and TVU Rectorate Board giving all favorable conditions for the two sides finished the training aim of course.


Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Vo Hoang Khai sent congratulations and looked forward to the New Bachelors would use the knowledge gained into practice effectively, become a valued source of manpower for the hometown, contributed to the construction and development of the education of the province. He also hoped that the two schools would continue to have more cooperation on both areas of training and scientific research.

News and photos: Thanh Son

aaimage001 On 11th July, 2011 accepted the invitation of the Rector of Tra Vinh University, Mr. Trinh Viet Trung, Director of Vietnam Resource Group along with his coworkers had a working meeting with TVU Rector Board at workshop 2of TVU.
The content of this visit was to introduce Tra Vinh University a program on "Practice and Tourism in the United States" for students in Vietnam.


With this program, students can participate in short-term or long term (from 4 months to 12 months) in the U.S. and get paid in which giving priority to agriculture and livestock breeding. Mr Trung said, this is a very attractive program designed by the US. Ministry of Foreign Affairs united with the University of Minnesota agreed and assigned him as a bridge to implement the development goals of education field between Vietnam and the U.S. Participating in this program students will have accumulated the experience, confidence in work, learning, cultural aaimage003 exchanges, enhancing self-knowledge, planning their own future and will be paid while practicing, but he also describes the basic conditions required for students participating in programs such as English requirements and objectives of the candidate's work and commitment of  returning Vietnam at end the practice course ... Going with Mr Trinh Viet Trinh, Mr. Mark Fishel, director of training program, resource group Vietnamese company also shared about the program to develop vocational skills help candidates graduate have the opportunity to succeed in a job interview ....

On this occasion Dr. Pham Tiet Khanh-Rector of TVU, President of the College community in Vietnam has also requested Mr. Mark to co-organize a seminar at TVU for other schools of Viet Nam Community College Association and other institutions in the South. Mr. Mark has also approved and will be deployed in the shortest time.
After discussion of some of the content of cooperation, both sides agreed to sign the memorandum as a basis for implementation.


In the morning of 12/07/2011 the delegation also had a meeting and discussion with TVU students to introduce and discuss some of the information of the program. Discussions have received the attention of the students on this program.
News & Photo: Thanh Son

image001 On 6/7/2011, TVU solemnly greeted Mr. Tran Hoan Kim - Former Chairman of Tra Vinh provincial People's Committee working at the school with the position of President Advisory Council.
The ceremony was an honor to welcome Mr. Duong Hoang Nghia - Deputy Secretary of Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of Tra Vinh People’s Assembly; Mr. Tran Khieu- Deputy Secretary of Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of Tra Vinh
provincial People's Committee; other Vice-Chairmen, leaders of provincial departments, TVU Rectorate  Board  and representatives of the Department of the University attended the  ceremony.


image003 TVU Advisory Council was established under Decision dated 21.03.2008 206/QD-DHTV of Rector, the members are representatives of the provincial leaders of companies and enterprises, scientists within and outside the province and the Rectorate Board. Advisory Council will advise TVU annual plans, five year plans and development strategies, build successful model linked with community, have capability and reputation for integrating into the world education; advise to open training major, develop training programs on demand and  orientation of socio-economic development of the province, region and country; advise on scientific research and technology transfer to raise quality of teachers; advise and recommend TVU to build partnerships with businesses to support students and teachers to participate in actual practice, which helps students find suitable jobs after graduation and to find scholarship, award programs for students.

demvnctm1 From the date of 07.07.2011, with the direct guidance of President Tran Hoan Kim, TVU Advisory Council will have more favorable conditions for cooperation between members, the leaders of departments, branches in the province, districts as well as cooperation with companies and enterprises in and outside the province. With the support and effective consultation of the Council, TVU will gradually implement successful strategic objectives and fulfill the task of training staff as well as human resources for the province and region.
On this occasion, school leaders awarded medals for the leaders of provincial departments, branches who have contributed to the development of Tra Vinh University in 10 years.
News and photos: Thanh Son

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