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TRA VINH, December 18, 2014- in the morning of December 16, Ms. Katie Orr, Director of International Collaboration, and Ms. Kellie of International Cooperation Department, Canadian Nova Scotia Community College had a meeting and direct exchange with the TVU board to promote exchange students collaboration.


From left: Dr. Pham Tiet Khanh, TVU Rector
















According to Ms. Katie Orr, the purpose of this trip is to seek opportunities for collaboration between the two schools to promote students exchange. She said: “If the project completes in 2016, the Nova Scotia Community College will select a group of 5 students to Tra Vinh University to study and write small projects with five TVU students about household economic development. In particular, the project focuses on farming and Khmer households.

The project is expected to take place for three weeks in 2016.Nova Scotia Community College was established in 1988. The College has 13 campuses, 6 community learning centers, with over 10,000 full time students. It mainly provides technical and apprenticeship training in the province of Nova Scotia.

Translated by Ngo Thi Phien

TRA VINH - On December 18, 2014, an International Conference on Asian performing arts identities and values formally opened at the Ho Chi Minh City University of Social Sciences and Humanities and Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City.


TVU students showcase Khmer traditional musical instruments at the conference.










 This is the first International Conference on Asian performing arts held in Vietnam. Tra Vinh University is co-organized with other academic entities. The conference attracts arts, researchers, academics, university students, and foreign students.


TVU Dean of school of Language- Culture- Southern Khmer Arts, Dr. Nguyen Thi Hue heads the TVU delegation.


 At the Conference, Pham Thi To Thy and Nguyen Dang Hai, the school of Tra Vinh University present their papers on“Human resources training in the field of Southern Khmer art in the Mekong Delta region.”

TVU’s Performing Musical Traditions of Southern Khmer was highly appreciated by the participants. It shows the characteristics, requirements and orientation for the development of Musical Performances of Southern Khmer tradition that is part of the training TVU offers.



Pham Thi To Thy presents papers at the conference

The conference is also a forum for academic exchange. The scientists present papers with content focused on the following issues: Historical development and musical forms exchange of Vietnam and Asian, the cultural identity of Vietnamese and Asian music, value of Asian performing arts in modern life, the typical artist and forms of performing arts, musical education inVietnam high schools and universities.

Two papers of Tra Vinh University were selected to publish for publication entitled “Maintaining and promoting Khmer Cham-Rieng Cha-Payarts” by Thach Thi Ut Linh, and "The value of Khmer Phleng Pin-Piet artsin modern life by Son Cao Thang.


In the afternoon, the program Arts Festival” continues with two themes: Southern-Birds nest on good land Asian - East Asia: The quintessence gathers together.


The art festival includes multi-color performances showing the identities and values of the performing arts of the peoples living in the south region, and countries of Asian and East Asia. 

                                                                                               Translated by Ngo Thi Phien

TRA VINH – On December 8th 2014, Dr. LiawSy-Sang, Director of International Collaboration, Chung Hsing University of Taiwan and his delegation visit Tra Vinh University with the intention to collaborate academic activities.

 Chung Hsing Tvu


This is the first time Chung Hsing University visits Tra Vinh University. Over the past years, TVU collaborated with three Taiwan partners including Phung Giap, Nghia Thu and National Medical Taipei Universities.


Dr. Sy- Sang Liaw expresses his wish that desires the two sides to obtain a long-term cooperation between the two schools soon, and encourages TVU students to study and research in Chung Hsing University.


He added: “Annually Chung Hsing University has the International Summer School program for international students. Tra Vinh University can also join this program in 2015. This is an interesting cultural exchange program making chances for students better understand Taiwanese culture.” 


Chung Hsing University also mentions some training programs in two stages on Agricultural Business. TVU students can study for the two years at TraVinh University then two years at Chung Hsing University, or two years at Tra Vinh University then one year at Chung Hsing University and one year in New Zealand. Chung Hsing University cooperates with a school in New Zealand for this program.

Translated by Phạm Thị Diễm Thi

TRA VINH – On December 19, TVU holds Christmas night 2014 at the lobby of TVU’s Administration Building. It attracts over 40 volunteers, international students, School of Foreign Languages’ students and TVU’s staff.

 noel tvu 

In his welcoming speech, Dr. Pham Tiet Khanh, Rector and President of Tra Vinh University congratulates all experts, international students and TVU students and thanks them for their positive contributions during their time in TVU.


Two French lecturers, Ms. Diane Zorzi and Mr. Benoit Hamon who graduated from Sorbonne University said: “We are very happy and pleasant with the working environment here. In the last two months with the School of Foreign Languages, we have joyfully worked with staff and students and this is the first time I celebrated the Christmas at Tra Vinh University.”


Ms. Diana Rose - a Filipino student is excited to participate in the party with everyone and get attractive prizes. She said: “The food is delicious and I feel being welcomed.” On this occasion, she also brings to the gathering two playful games that added the extra curriculum activities.


This year TVU saw various people from the US, Canada, France and Italy celebrate the Christmas on its campus one.

 TS Pham Tiet Khanh

 Dr. Pham Tiet Khanh cuts cake to open the party


 tro choi cua cac chuyen gia

Joining game “jumping with tomatoes”

 Translated by Phạm Thị Diễm Thi


TRA VINH – On Friday night 17th December, TVU School of Foreign Languages students opened their 11th annual Christmas tradition with a group dancing on the background music of Doraemon that effectively brought the Christmas cheer to hundreds of merry audiences.

IMG 8532
“Green Your Life” is the theme of this year’s Get-Together music concert.

The annual music concert, lasting well over a decade, is entirely student-run from script writing, choreographing to costume designing and stage managing.

The 2014 Get-Together once again mixed the warmth of students and the fun of an intercultural experience, with the combined power of English, French, Khmer and Chinese music.

‘The popular Get-Together at TVU is a great opportunity for the students to practice English, bonds community members through the sounds of music,’ said Mr Tran Van Trong, TVU’s Vice Rector. ‘It is a joy to see how the School of Foreign Languages annual concert gets our community together.”


This year’s theme, ‘Green Your Life’, is inspired by the TVU Rector, Dr Pham Tiet Khanh, who in 2013 signed the Talloires Declaration, an official statement of a commitment to environmental sustainability in higher education made by 300 university presidents in over 40 countries.


For the TVU community, attending the Get-Together concert is a tradition, but there is something new this year. Students infused this year’s theme into each entertainment scene through music, plays, fanciful costumes procession, and group dances to inspire sustainable behaviours campus-wide.


‘Besides languages, we show our talents in the language of dance and music,’ said Nguyen Thi My Tu, Year 4 English major who’s also an MC for the night. ‘We have been working diligently for the last three months behind the scenes to contribute to this music show.’


Grotesque and wild costumes designed by students, fantastic breakdancing group, and Year 4 English major Pham Thi Diem Thi, singing the 1960’s greatest hit Tous les garçons et les filles with French lecturer Diane Zorzi, are part of this talent.


The 2014 Christmas music concert greatly benefits from the hard work of students and staff both on and off stage. Over 60 students and teachers performers used their combined talents to bring to life the sounds of this season.


 Just give me a reason by Khanh Vinh and My Phung
 Khmer dance by DA11 & DA12
IMG 3552
 Shake it off by Sac San and Minh Tuan

IMG 3666
 Green your life by DA11 (Comedy)

IMG 3568

Tous les garcons et les filles by Diane and Diem Thi

IMG 3626

Fashion Show by CA12 and DA11

News by Aloki Nodi

Photos by Nguyen Thanh Son





Faculty of Australia’s Swinburne and Vietnam’s TVU have presented two peer-reviewed papers on sustainability at the 14th International ACTS (Australasian Campuses Towards Sustainability) conference, hosted by the University of Tasmania in Hobart on November 5, 2014.


Francois on TVU
Dr François Malherbe presents TVU and Swinburne joint green project


Dr François Malherbe and Dr Vivienne Waller of Swinburne University of Australia, and Dr Ho-Dac Tuc of TVU School of Foreign Languages co-authored two discusion papers, entitled “Innovating campus sustainability projects through international collaborative engagements”, and “Green transformations at a university campus in Vietnam”.


A poster on behalf of the International Sustainability Project-2014 cohort was also presented at the Conference to continue promoting the Green Campus Concept to TVU staff and students.


The papers are part of the follow-up of the International Sustainability Project between Swinburne and Tra Vinh Universities, which, in January 2014, brought 18 students and three academics from Swinburne University, Australia, to Tra Vinh University for a 2-week program to jointly boost environmental awareness.


This project was conceived by Dr Pham Tiet Khanh, Rector and President of Tra Vinh University, Dr Ho Dac Tuc, Deputy Dean of the TVU School of Foreign Languages, and Dr François Malherbe, Deputy Academic Coordinator (Education) of the Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology, at Swinburne University of Technology, in January 2013.


From Australia, environmental chemist Dr François Malherbe said the papers were shared through two separate 45 minutes oral presentations. The Tra Vinh experience was lauded by all attendees.


TVU’s Rector, Dr Pham Tiet Khanh, signed the Talloires Declaration in October 2013, a declaration for sustainability, created for and by presidents of institutions of higher learning. Swinburne is also a signatory to this declaration.


 TVU Green Project Poster at the Conference

News: School of Foreign languages

Photo: Francois

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Info of content:  All of the important and famous activities is established by units and is spreaded for Tvu in 6 months from January, 2014 to now.  

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Tuesday, August 26th 2014

Contact: Center for Communication and Community Engagement.

Tel: 0743.855246 (156)


Tra Vinh, August 26th 2014 – On August 21st Dr. Elizabeth M. Quimbo, the  coordinator of Student teaching Unit, faculty of  Leyte Normal University (LNU), Philippines with four interns had a meeting and a direct exchange with the representatives of Center for International Collaboration in Education and Training. Mr. Nguyen Tien Dung, TVU Vice Rector.


Mr Nguyen Tien Dung offered name cards for four interns

For the purpose of this trip, Dr. Elizabeth M. Quimbo said since the meeting between leaders of the two universities   it is the fact that TVU and LNU share same interests and features in terms of research and training. It is much hope that collaboration relationship as well as, lecturer and student exchange in all fields, especially in teacher training can be enhanced.


This is the second cohort of English Teaching interns come to TVU, since the first trip with six students from March to May this year


Four interns are going to fulfill their practicum tasks at the Center for International Collaboration in Education and Training and Victory Center of Informatics and Foreign Languages from August 22nd to October 27th, 2014


Mr Nguyen Ngoc Danh, Vice Director of Center for International Collaboration in Education and Training said: “This is a good chance for both the interns and host departments to reinforce collaboration relationship between LNU and TVU. The interns can apply their theory for the new environment which differs from their culture and living environment. However, they get more living experiences as well as practical experiences in the future”.


In his welcoming speech, Mr Nguyen Tien Dung, Vice Rector offered his deepest sympathy to the Board of LNU on the damage Haiyan storm caused in 2013. The Vice Rector highly appreciates the collaboration relationship between two universities in students and lecturer exchange. He hopes that the interns will get a lot of experiences as well as contribute into the development and success of two universities


 Mr Nguyen Tien Dung welcomes to all



Interns have the photo taken with the Board

 News, Photos: Thuy, Sang


TRA VINH, 1.October.2014 – Diane Zorzi and Benoit Hamon, two master's degree holders in Art History and Philosophy from the Sorbonne have joined the School of Foreign Languages at the Tra Vinh University in October 2014.


Ms Bach Mai standing of the International Collaboration Office welcomes Benoit and Diane second and third from right

Ms Bach Mai (standing) of the International Collaboration Office

welcomes Benoit and Diane (second and third from right)

Both scholars assume the positions of lecturers bringing years of experience and expertise to the School.

‘We are pleased to attract these two outstanding lecturers in language, literature and the arts,’ says Dr Nguyen Thi Phuong Nam, Dean of the School. ‘It reflects the commitment of the University to enriching the academic and cultural experiences of staff and students,’ adds Dean Phuong Nam.


With a double master degree with honours, Diane Zorzi graduated from the Paris-Sorbonne University with a major of the Art History. She also holds a double degree from the Sorbonne in French Language, Literature and Art History.



Diane Zorzi was a teacher of French, and then she became a guide at the Louvre Museum. She has years of experience in journalistic writing. Prior to arriving at the TVU School of Foreign Languages, she was a lecturer at the National Institute of Art History, Paris.


Diane and Benoit
Diane and Benoit
Benoit Hamon holds a master’s degree with honours in philosophy from the Sorbonne, where he also earns his first degree in Philosophy and Modern Literature with honours. Proficient in English and German, he has dedicated his career in the fields of publishing and journalism. Prior to joining the School, Benoit was a cultural columnist for La Revue Littéraire (The Literature Journal).


‘We are seeking and engaging academic members from top universities. Together we’re committed to creating an intellectual community that inspires students and staff,’ said Dr Ho-Dac Tuc, Deputy Dean of the TVU School of Foreign Languages.


The TVU School of Foreign Languages offers Bachelor of Arts in English. Minor program is available in Mandarin. The School also offers the English language as minor to approximately 8,000 students from around the Vietnam’s Mekong Delta.


News and photo: School of Foreign Languages

Media contact: 74 3855246 (ext 272)

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