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(TVU) - On Saturday afternoon (January 27), the final match of Asian U23 Championship 2018 between Vietnam and Uzbekistan is live streaming at TVU 1000-seat Hall. Students and faculty members are eagerly gathering at the Hall to witness this important moment.


IMG 7935 tvu  


Truong Van Nhut, course-2014 student in medicine emotionally expresses: "I am very surprised and happy when live streaming of the match is held on TVU campus.”


With the same emotion, Tran Thi Minh Thuy, course-2015 student in Office Administration says: “Entering the U23 Asian Championship is the pride for Vietnamese people.”


Messages with wishes of victory are spread quickly under various forms from banners to social media by TVU students.  


The live streaming for the final match on 800-inch LED screen, held on TVU over-1000-seat Hall is to meet the aspirations of TVU students and teachers.  


IMG 7878 TVU  


IMG 8046 TVU


IMG 7902 TVU


By Minh Nhut

(TVU) - On January 25, specialists from the State Securities Commission in Ho Chi Minh City had a talk on securities with students of School of Economics – Law, Tra Vinh University.


IMG 4964 TVU  


"Through this session, it helps us have deeper understanding about stock market thereby reinforcing and updating our knowledge to our subject”, said Le Tran Huyen Tran, course-2015 TVU student in Business Administration.


Mr. Tran Quang Vu, specialist in securities said: "When you have a good understanding of the securities as well as the stock market, it will increase your opportunities to get a job at governmental and private securities agencies or become potentially successful investors and traders in the future."


Dr. Le Thi Thu Diem, the School Deputy Dean said that it was a great opportunity for the students to update their knowledge from the specialists, which facilitates their participation in the stock market and application to practice in their later work.


Cap nhat kien thuc ve chung khoan hoc vien


IMG 4962 TVU


By Minh Nhut

(TVU)- On 25 January, Ms. Jeanne Frances Illo, Gender Specialist - Embassy of Canada in Hanoi had a collaborative discussion on gender mainstreaming in training activities of Tra Vinh University (TVU). Ms. Thach Thi Dan, TVU Vice Rector attended this meeting.  


IMG 8138 TVU  


The Vice Rector said that during its development, Tra Vinh University always pays attention to issues of gender and community associated with its academic activities in addition to gender training sessions to increase awareness among students and staff in this field.  


As reported by TVU Gender and Community Department, there are about 4,000 students engaging in gender training sessions every year.


"I am very impressed with Tra Vinh University since it is the only institution in the country possessing the Gender and Community Department where students are prepared with knowledge of gender”, said Jeanna Frances Illo. She hoped that there will be more gender mainstreaming in TVU curricula.


At the meeting, the two sides agreed to further expand collaborative opportunities about gender and ethnic minority toward bringing benefits to women and disadvantaged people in the years to come.


By Minh Nhut


(TVU) – The free English class for disadvantaged students in Tra Vinh province conducted by Tra Vinh University under the funding of the US Embassy has successfully closed after two-year implementation. Ms. Diane Millar – Director of Regional English Language Office (RELO), the US Embassy in Vietnam and Ms. Thach Thi Dan-TVU Vice Rector attended in this significant event.


IMG 4388 copy TVU  


The program which has commenced since 2016 with the fund of $ 30,000 from the US Embassy aims at offering free English classes to students with good academic performance but difficult family situation.  


Ms. Nguyen Thi Tuyet Nhung, faculty member of TVU School of Foreign Languages said: "This is very meaningful to disadvantaged students since they are able to improve their English through the instruction of native teachers in addition to the participation to practical activities.”     


IMG 4408 tvu


IMG 4396 tvu


"I have experienced a lot of useful things from practical activities and currently I am very confident in my English communication ability. I would like to express my deep gratitude to the US Embassy offering this program to the students, and TVU and foreign teachers who prepare us with useful knowledge that we can apply later in life”, expressed Lam Thanh Y, a student participating in this project.   


Speaking at the closing ceremony, Ms. Diane Millar said: "The free English program for disadvantaged students has started since 2004, benefiting approximately 110,000 students in more than 85 countries. It has provided them with solid foundation in English communication skills”.


"Tra Vinh University is honored to be selected for this English project implementation to the students. This initiative helps them further pursue their higher education in the future from their acquired knowledge in this program”, said Ms. Thach Thi Dan, TVU Vice Rector.  


IMG 4376 tvu  


By Minh Nhut

(TVU)- On January 20, Tra Vinh University (TVU) held the closing and opening ceremony to the graduate classes in 2017. Leader representatives of Tra Vinh province, TVU Rector Board, faculty members and over 700 graduate students attended this meeting.


IMG 4735 TVU  


At the ceremony, Ms. Tran Thi Kim Hoang, Head of Graduate Department said that the graduate courses aim to meet the learners’ demand for higher education. Currently, there are about 500 applicants admitted to TVU with different fields such as business administration, economics, laws, cultural studies, rural development, chemical engineering and literature.  


QTH 1828 TVU  


Mr. Trinh Minh Tu, a new master expressed his gratitude to faculty members who are always devoted to teaching. He believed that he will apply the acquired knowledge into practice effectively.


Mr. Vo Hoang Khai, TVU Vice Rector sent his congratulation to the new graduate students and new masters. He highly evaluated their obtained results and added that Tra Vinh University will always welcome them back for their pursuit of higher education.


IMG 4617 TVU

IMG 4677 TVU



By Minh Nhut

(TVU) – On the day of "Blood Donation" held on January 13, nearly 300 units of blood were received. This important activity was organized by Tra Vinh University (TVU) in co-ordination with Tra Vinh Provincial Red Cross and CanTho Haematology- Blood Transfusion Center.


DSC02791 TVU  


More than 350 TVU students, faculty members and staff voluntarily donated their blood on this meaningful event.


“Blood donation is really worthwhile since it brings happiness to people”, said Ho Thuy Uyen, TVU student.  


Ms. Thach Thi Dan, TVU Vice Rector emphasized: "Blood donation is a very precious action in helping save many lives, and shows human love.” She highly evaluated the enthusiasm of all voluntary blood donors on this significant activity of the university.


DSC027551 TVU  


By Minh Nhut

(TVU) - On January 12, Tra Vinh University (TVU) received the Japanese delegation led by Mr. Kashimoto Yukinori - President of the Japanese Nurses Association of Okayama province on the potential collaborations in nursing and agri-aquaculture to TVU students in Japan.


IMG 3989 TVU  


At the meeting, Mr. Kashimoto Yukinori, leaders of Tra Vinh province’s department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs and Tra Vinh University had a potentially collaborative discussion on labour resource need in Japan in the fields of nursing, agriculture and aquaculture.  


Mr. Kashimoto Yukinori provided an overview about Japan's current need in nursing and agriculture as well as requirements to TVU students to work in Japan.  


 Mr. Duong Quang Ngoc, Deputy Director of the department of Labor - Invalids and Social Affairs of Tra Vinh province suggested the joint-workshops on career orientation to TVU students, which will help them have better understanding about their future career prior to studying as well as working in Japan.   


Mr. Nguyen Duy, Vice Director of TVU Career Center said that TVU is meeting the recruitment demands of labour resource with its proper training programs, and hoped that the parties will reach a detailed plan in the future.


IMG 3962 TVU


By Minh Nhut

(TVU) – On January 9, "Typical student in 2017" celebration took place at Tra Vinh University welcoming the 68th anniversary of Students’ Day. Mr. Tran Van Trong- TVU Vice Rector and about 1,000 TVU students attended this event.


IMG 3750 TVU  


Speaking at the ceremony, the Vice Rector said: "Over 68 years of formation and development, Vietnamese students have set remarkably typical examples in various fields”. He also praised the students’ active involvement in the university activities with many outstanding results, and hoped that they will keep striving for the title "Typical Student” toward building a model of a typically dynamic and creative Vietnamese student generation.


Tra Vinh University honoured 101 students with the title of "Typical student in 2017” and the award offerings to other activities in the event of the 68th anniversary of Students’ Day this year were also taken place on that day as well.


Cao Nhan Tinh, course-2014 student in law happily expressed: "The award of being a typical student has resulted from my efforts in study and active involvement in activities after a year. I also hope that other students will make their best efforts for the honour of typical students".


 The "Typical Student" campaign has launched since 2009 aiming at honouring students with outstanding achievements based on five set criteria: conduct, academic results, involvement in volunteerism, health condition, and integration.


IMG 3729 TVU  


IMG 3724 TVU


By Minh Nhut

(TVU)- In the scope of the coop training program between Tra Vinh University (TVU) and enterprises, TVU Aquaculture students have just completed their coop internship at Thong Thuan Company, Kien Giang Branch. So far TVU Teaching and Learning Center has received positive feedback from students, parents and employers through conducting the coop training program over the past years.


1-Sinh-vien-nganh-nuoi-trong-thuy-san-bao-cao-ket-qua-Co-op 600x424 09fcc51e5352993195d3b36bb6fd83de 



As reported by the students, this co-op program helps them get access to new technologies in aquaculture and better understand about their profession and apply specialized knowledge to practice.


Mr. Vuong Tuan Phong, the former co-op coordinator said that in addition to good skills, co-op students are very active and confident in their practice. Through this program, the students have opportunities to experience practical working environment.


According to Dr. Huynh Kim Huong, Vice-Dean of TVU school of Agri-Aquaculture, the coop program has opened up collaborative opportunities between the university and enterprises, helping tailor TVU training programs to employers’ demand and increasing employment opportunities for TVU students.  


2-Sinh-vien-Thuy-t-trinh-tiBuibao-cao 600x424 581221c040cda20c8cbcc598ba843a24


3-Lanh-o-BmonThysnnthmsinh-vientinithctpCoop 600x424 45ed5d16a143653519a932fb99007f85 


By Minh Nhut

(TVU) – On January 8, Tra Vinh University (TVU) offered career and enrolment consultancy sessions for high school students in Dong Thap province.




Mr. Nguyen Van Sau, Dean of the TVU school of Foundation Science said that the consultancy session has received great concerns from high school students through the introduction of TVU overview, training programs, learning policies, especially information on career orientation, which help them have more motivation in their studies as well as proper career identification in their life.


TVU has provided the consultancy sessions to students at several high schools in Dong Thap province on that day.  






By Minh Nhut

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