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Resource Development Institute

1. Introduction

The Resource Development Institute (RDI) was formerly the Center of Online Training and Distance Learning which was renamed regarding the Decision No. 1143/QĐ – ĐHTV dated on October 20th, 2010. This Institute continues to implement the functions and responsibilities of the Center of Online Training and Distance Learning that the Director Board has assigned. The Resource Development Institute will adjust and add functions and tasks appropriate to the developmental demands in a new stage.

2. Functions and Resposibilities:

RDI is the professional Unit under Tra Vinh University (TVU). The Intitute is in charge of carrying out research and training activities, consulting and offering technical services to communities, contributing to the development of resources for the society and TVU.

  • Field of research: organizing scientific research activities and applying the science into the reality in order to set the ground for building up strategic plans and developing resources of TVU and serving the community sustainably.
  • Field of training and improvement: assisting the Rector in organizing and managing training activities, coordinating with other institutions in offering online and distance learning programs and other continuing educational programs which are approved by the authority.
  • Consulting and technical services: organizing production services, technical consultancy, and technological transfer in terms of professional fields to bring them to the real life and society, meeting the needs of the community and contributing to the development of resources of Tra Vinh University.

3. Organizational and Personnel Structure:

The Institute has centers and professional units under it and is leaded by the director.  The director, who is supported by the deputy director, is in charge of building up the Personnel Structure Project and the financial policies and submit them to the Rector for approval.

The Institute is allowed to open a bank account and have its own seal in order to implement its tasks and do transactions.

1. Organizational Structure

Victory Center of Informatics and Foreign Languages (VIFL) is the professional unit that self-control of finance. Also, the Center is allowed to enter real data in the accounts independently.

In terms of the organizational structure, the Center consists of the Director Board, the General Administrative Department and the Academic Affair Department. Moreover, there are four satellites in four districts under this Center. There are twelve regular staff members and over 40 visiting teachers from the faculties of Tra Vinh University (TVU) and teachers from high schools in Tra Vinh city.

2. Goals

  • Improving the level of foreign languages and informatics for TVU staffs and local people who want to participate in teaching activities, scientific research, postgraduate studies, and work with foreign specialists and go on business abroad, etc.
  • Providing TVU students as well as local people with good learning conditions and opportunities to enhance their necessary skills in applying for jobs and fulfilling their jobs effectively after studying completion.
  • Strengthening international cooperation opportunities in order to improve the quality of teaching, learning and assessing activities and make learners interested in their studies, which promotes the movement of learning and improves the level of foreign languages for learners.

3. Teaching and Learning Facilities

  • There are five computer rooms with air-conditioners.
  • There are 17 classrooms, of which five rooms are equipped with air-conditioners, five are equipped with cable TV and two are used as halls.
  • The Learning Resource Center (LRC) is provided with a wide range of books for teachers and learners, which is partly supported by international partners and organizations.

4. Working Guidelines

The working guidelines of the Center are to train qualified learners and not just to recruit a lot of learners and not to get more interests. We – the staffs of the Center are trying our best to serve those who desire to improve their knowledge of foreign languages and informatics. We respect our learners because they give us a chance to work and to serve people in the community. All testing activities at the Center are carried out complying with the regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training and other current rules.

1. Background

Tra Vinh National Institute of Information Technology (Tra Vinh NIIT) was established in October 2005. Tra Vinh Community College and National Institute of Information Technology of India opened the training center for international information technology programmer in Campus 3, Tra Vinh Community College. In 2006, Tra Vinh Community College was upgraded into Tra Vinh University (TVU). Therefore, NIIT in Tra Vinh was established regarding the Decision No. 458/QĐ-ĐHTV dated on December 29th, 2006 by the Rector of TVU. Its mission is to help individuals and businesses over the world to become more successful by providing knowledge, skills, solutions and services through vanguard efforts and appropriate technology.

Today, in the context of international integration, Vietnam has attained considerable achievements in many areas such as economic, cultural, educational sectors, etc. Many foreign enterprises have invested in Vietnam with projects valued at billions of US dollars. These businesses need highly trained human resources in order to meet the needs of working conditions at the international level. With big visions, the Rector Board of TVU has decided to coordinate with international partners in developing and training human resources to meet the needs of highly - trained human resources in information technology of Vietnam.

After a long time of finding partners and considering each decision carefully, TVU has signed a cooperation agreement in education with NIIT of India to open Tra Vinh NIIT. This center is the first one that has trained international programmers in Tra Vinh province.

2. Goals and Achievements

2.1. Goals

The center not only provides learners with opportunities to study in a high quality learning environment but also supports them to overcome other obstacles to fulfill their learning. In fact, since the years 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009, the NIIT Institute of Information Technology – the first-ranking Institute of Information Technology in Asia (IDC, 1999-2005) has carried out the MasterMind Scholarships Program across Vietnam. In four years of implementing this kind of scholarship, over 300 students have been selected. This scholarships program aims at supporting talented students who encounter financial difficulties have conditions to study in order to pursue their dreams to become excellent IT specialists in the future. The scholarship program is opened to all individuals, especially students who have just graduated from high school and college and university students have a chance to learn and study IT – an attracting but challenging field for young Vietnamese learners. In addition, the candidates of the  MasterMind scholarships program will have to completed a 60-question test (including aptitude and English) and the interview. Based on the test result, the candidates will be granted scholarships valued from 10% to 40% of the total program fee of 2-year courses, including two disciplines: Software Engineering and Network Engineering.

In addition, every six months the center organizes extra- activities like excursions and camping aiming at providing the learners with opportunities to exchange learning experience with that of students from other NIIT centers. On the occasions of exchanges, the center carries out marketing activities.

2.2. Achievements

In July 2009, Tra Vinh NIIT Center held the first graduation ceremony for 78 students 0f 78 students of course 1. They are all fully equipped with knowledge, necessary skills that businesses require them. They are also equipped with moral lessons in order to contribute their talent to society. Despite the economic downturn and job opportunities at a slow rate, 79.5% of students who graduated from course 1 could find the jobs. A big number of graduates have satisfactory jobs and the others work at different field in companies and organizations in their hometowns or in Ho Chi Minh city such as Anh Quan Company Ltd, Becotes, Blue Star, Thao Viec, FPT, Vinaphone, Viettel, etc. Other graduates continues their study at university or study higher for transferring courses at some international universities.

It is scheduled that approximately 40 students including Network Management and Programming – majored ones will graduate in April 2010.

The center has teaching staffs qualified with international standards and has been equipped with modern teaching and learning facilities. In addition, learning method LACC (Learning Architecture based on Collaborative Constructivism) has been carried out in order to help the faculty be able to understand their learners and help learners acquire what have studied. The idea of this method is that each learner has to self-design his own way of learning. The distinctive feature of LACC is the acquisition of knowledge and skills and the way of transfer that helps studying become effective and practical as well.

At present, the center carries out the most advanced program – Mastermind  version 2(MMS). MMS is the result from researching the change of recruitment needs in the IT domain in order to synthesize knowledge and skills that meet the requirements of   leading businesses. Furthermore, the content of the program includes newest and the most popular softwares as well as the ones that catch the development of technology in future. MMS equips learners with both professional competence, essential skills such as management skill, communication skill, problem solving skill and English proficiency through providing the learners with good conditions and environments to improve foreign language skills. Besides, the learners will have practical working experience through practicum at businesses and enterprises. This is the best preparation for the learners before take an official position in businesses.

In terms of extra-activities for learners, the students of Tra Vinh NIIT have participated in many exchanges in An Giang, Ha Tien, Phan Thiet, Ba Dong Beach in Tra Vinh. They enjoyed relaxing time with picnics, music, and so on.

3. Developmental Orientation

In future, the center will cooperate with businesses, agencies to get software building-up projects to serve their needs like website design, business managing programs which are designed by our learners. The implementation of this project will help learners to get experience, which is considered as one part of the training program.

In addition, the center will offer more short-term courses such as office pro, assembling and installing, network management for businesses to meet the needs in reality.

The Center of International Cooperation in Education and Training (CiCet) was established in June 2007. The task of this center is to develop and run international training programs of Tra Vinh University (TVU).

CiCet is located in Room 12, Block B - the main campus of TVU. The Center is equipped with modern teaching facilities.


The goal of CiCet is to share knowledge and serve communities. This goal is carried out through enlarging the cooperation with institutions, universities, individuals at home and abroad. CiCet commits to provide qualified training programs, good services and modern learning environment as well.

Summer Programs for Overseas Studies

Summer camping is one of the activities that every one expected. However, when it comes, we always lose this opportunity and we have no activities. Why don’t you give your children a chance to experience their lives? Do let your children attend ESL Summer Camping so that they both feel happy and learn English in a new country!

Under the guidance of the experienced and professional delegation leader, your children will experience a new culture, meet new friends from all over the world and at the same time have an opportunity to learn and improve their English skills.

Below is a list of Summer Camping options that you can find at CiCet.  These options will increase continuously. Please visit our website more often to learn more about these choices.

There are five reasons to choose CiCet for your learning.

  • CiCet realizes that education is the life-long learning process and customers always have various needs. Therefore, the programs of CiCet are always built up and implemented based on their needs.
  • The staff of CiCet are experienced and professional members.
  • CiCet knows that there are high requirements in the labour market; therefore, CiCet’s courses and training programs are always updated and improved.
  • CiCet continuously exploits and establishes relationships with domestic and international partners in order to provide customers with a wide range of options.
  • Satisfaction and feedback from customers keep an important role in the development of CiCet. This is considered as the operational guideline in order to further enhance the quality of CiCet’s training programs as well as its services.
  • To take part in social projects, always helping those who need it and help prevent diseases from hepatitis c.

The Center of Training and Enterprise Cooperation (CTEC) was established regarding the Decision No. 1142/QĐ-ĐHTV dated on October 20th, 2010 by the Rector of Tra Vinh University. The Center, a professional unit that has the income and spending policies, is under Tra Vinh University. The Center is in charge of organizing educational activities regularly, offering training courses at all types, which follows the scopes, functions, and tasks of Tra Vinh University.

  1.  Functions
  • The Center has the functions of organizing training activities for courses at all levels and with different disciplines in accordance with the functions of Tra Vinh University.
  • The Center coordinates with businesses and functional units in organizing and developing various and flexible educational activities which are socialized in order to meet the needs of enterprises and the community.  

  1. Responsibilities
  • Conducting surveys of learning and knowledge and skill improvement needs of the community and submitting proposals to the Director Board to develop new disciplines and training courses, which meets the needs of learners.
  • Implementing training programs appropriate to the scope, functions and tasks of Tra Vinh University.
  • Cooperating with other institutions in giving training courses to meet the needs of the community.
  • The Center has signed agreements with other institutions and organizations to locate offices outside Tra Vinh University.
The Center is responsible for recruiting new learners in accordance with the current recruitment regulations of each level and type of training.
Monday, 13 June 2011 08:31

Center of Teaching and Learning

1. Introduction

The Center of Teaching and Learning was established regarding the Decision No. 453/QĐ-ĐHTV, dated on December 29th, 2006 (formerly the Teacher Training Unit). This center, the specialized unit that follows the model of North American Community Colleges, is one of the special features at Tra Vinh University. The Center has, so far, developed since its establishment due to the technical support and training from Canadian experts (Malaspina University-College, currently the Vancouver Island University), the full support from the Board of Directors, the support from the teaching staff, the support from the semiofficial members, and the efforts of the Center members themselves.

2. Functions and Responsibilities

The center has the following functions and responsibilities:

2.1.      Functions

  • Acting as an advisor for the Rector Board concerning the professional and educational activities of the university.
  • Training teachers in teaching methods and in applying information technology in classroom teaching.
  • Consulting TVU students about effective learning techniques and strategies.
  • Consulting all teachers in the area who need support and concern the effective use of learner-centered teaching methods.
  • Supplying teaching and learning materials in VCD and DVD, which serves the learning and teaching process at TVU.

2.2. Responsibilities

Regarding the above functions, the Teaching and Learning Center is responsible for fulfilling the following duties:

  • Developing academic activities in the scope of the whole university for all the teaching staffs, students and other members in the community.
  • Consulting teachers in selecting and using teaching methods effectively.
  • Maintaining and enhancing the effectiveness of classroom observation activities at TVU.
  • The study of modern technology for students in the security withphone tracking – questions and answers.
  • Coordinating annually with relevant units in organizing “Good teaching and learning” activities at the University.
  • Coordinating with other departments in designing learning material resources. in VCD and/or DVD, which serves the teaching and learning process at TVU.
  • Assisting the departments in assessing teachers’ teaching activities.
  • Selecting, directing and training experienced teachers to become teacher trainers and gradually building up good teacher trainers at TVU.
  • Researching, developing and improving teaching methods appropriate to the current situation and modern technological equipment.

The Center of Student Education in National Defense and Security was established regarding the Decision No. 630/QĐ-UBND dated on April 25th, 2008 by the Chairman of Tra Vinh provincial People’s Committee. The Center is under Tra Vinh University.

1. Functions and responsibilities

The Center is in charge of managing and organizing the overall learning and training of students in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training.

The center has the following functions and responsibilities:

  • Making annual and phasic educational plans in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training;
  • Recruiting students and organizing the learning and training activities for them, which is appropriate to the training plan between high schools, colleges, universities and this Center.
  • Coordinating with other institutions in training teachers of National Defense in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training;
  • Improving the professional knowledge and teaching methods for the teaching staff, and managerial staff; creating favorable conditions for teachers, staffs to improve their professional knowledge;
  • Implementing the National Defense and military activities of the Center in the local area; acting as a counselor for the Director Board in the National Defense and local military affairs in accordance with the local military affair agency and the directions of the Ministry of National Defense.

2. Rights:

  • Planning detailed programs of the Center on the basis of the program for National Defense and Security education at college and university levels promulgated by the Ministry of Education and Training;
  • Planning the program for learning and training activities; passing the working regulations of the Center;
  • Commending and rewarding individuals and groups who have obtained excellent achievements in teaching, learning and training activities; disciplining individuals and groups who break the regulations. 
Monday, 13 June 2011 08:30

Center of Linkage Training

The of Center Linkage Training was established regarding the Decision No. 496/QĐ – ĐHTV dated on December 29th, 2006 by the Rector of Tra Vinh University.

1. Functions and Responsibilities

The Center has the following functions and responsibilities:

  • Linking secondary vocational training schools, colleges and universities in Tra Vinh province and those outside the province to carry out in-service training programs in the province, meeting the needs of economic, cultural and social development in the local area (which is in accordance with Article 2 of the regulations of the Continuing Educational Center which was issued in accordance with the Decision No. 43/2000/QĐ-BGD&ĐT, dated on September 25th, 2000 by the Ministry of Education and Training).  
  • At the beginning of its establishment, the Center has actively linked universities domestically and abroad in order to carry out transferring courses from college level to university level and postgraduate courses.  
  • Implementing the income and spending policies in accordance with the current regulations of Vietnam and those of the Planning and Finance Office of Tra Vinh University.

2. The Organizational Structure

The Center consists of the Director, the Vice Director, the administrative and academic affair Official (including regular and contracted members). The Director is in charge of building up the organizational project and structure and submits it to the Rector for approval.


qtvp_image001 At 18:30 on April 20th, 2011, Department of Office Administration (DOA) directly under TVU held a discussion with over 500 students studying at the department with the aims at listening and answering their questions related to their study, tests, and jobs after graduation, and so on. Also faculty of the department and representatives from other offices such as Office of Supervision and Legislation, Office of Students Affairs, Office of Testing and Quality, Academic Office, and Youth Union participated in the discussion.


There were a lot of questions related to different areas, including the hottest concern of employment after graduation. Answering questions about employment, Ms. Phung Thi Phuong Khanh – Head of DOA said that recently  an employment assistant crew has been founded to assist students with their employment and cooperating with businesses in order to provide students with latest information in recruitments and offer employment guarantee after graduation.   qtvp_image003

Representing Office of Student Affairs, Mr. Nguyen Hoang Bao – the chief of the office  – also shared, “Job hunting is not difficult, whether it is or not a lot depends on if students would like to be far way from home (outside the province)”. He also said the Office of Student Affairs has had a group helping finding jobs for students, a number of businesses inside and outside the province and even foreign investors in Vietnam have organized job interviews for TVU students. Simultaneously, when developing training programs, the university surveyed the labor markets’ needs, and offered courses to meet the training orders from businesses. In practice, employment for graduates has been of top concerns of the Rector Board; therefore, the university has provided students with opportunities and conditions so that they can have skills and qualification to be confident of success in their job interview after graduating.


qtvp_image005 In addition, some of the questions regarding to articulation training programs, degrees of this kind of training, subject exemption, and so on were answered specifically by Lieu Thanh Tam, MA.  – Deputy of Academic Office

A part of the discussion was sharing finding ideal job experience by alumni of the office administration program. Students were shared by those alumni who have been successful in many areas with tips, experience when looking for jobs and finding ideal jobs as well.

The discussion did provide all participating students with useful information, did answer questions and created a connection between students and DOA, TVU; whereby DOA and TVU better understood demands of students in order to provide them with in-time support, enabling them to be more confident in their study and be prepared for their real life.

News & photos: Thanh Son


tl_image001 In the morning of April 20th, 2011 at Meeting Room 1, TVU, the delegation of the University of Irrigation led by Associate Professor Dr. Trinh Minh Thu – Vice Rector had a meeting with Mr. Nguyen Tien Dung, Vice-Rector of TVU, Director of Linkage Training Center, Dean of Faculty of Technology and Engineering. Other important guests included Mr. Tran Van Dai – Head of Training Affairs Office, under Tra Vinh Internal Affairs Service, Mr. Bui Van Mung – Director of the Center of Tra Vinh Running Water and Rural Environment Sanitation.

The visit of Irrigation University aimed at exploring, exchanging, and discussing potential training cooperation between the two institutions in future. At the meeting both sides discussed and came up with some agreements on opening a new program code – water supply and drainage at a university level. The major potential learners for the proposed program were staffs and workers who have been working at provincial organizations with the financial support from Tra Vinh People Committee. That was one of the activities to develop human resources for the province. According to the plan, TVU and Irrigation University would work together to open preparatory courses for the entrance university examination in August 2011 and organize the entrance exam in September 2011 for the areas of Tra Vinh province.

At the end of the meeting, both universities signed a cooperation memo in some issues regarding to linkage training in the coming time, creating more learning opportunities for communities in Tra Vinh as well as bordering provinces.

News & photos: Thanh Son

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