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Researchonclimatechange adaptationin TraVinh provinceandsurrounding areas.

Organize scientific researches, deploy application and transmit technology for training,

production and business objectives for organizations and individual in and out of TraVinh


Coordinatewithrelevant agencies and localities on advisory for agriculture, fishery and


Organize and implement activities to support community on production ans service

providing that are associated to fields of training of TraVinh University in order to raise incomes

for local people that aim to contribute for people’s material and spiritual development.

Organize trainingcourse based on duty and functions of CRCS

Organize social work that is associatedto the benefit of the local community

Associated the education program of TraVinh University to organizing non-formal

training as assigned by the Principal

Provide reports, prepare and implement contracts, implement projects which are relevant

to the fields of agriculture, environmental, biotechnology, climate change, economic- social,

technology and some other fields.

Design and construct environmental processing systems

Plan for social economic development, agricultural and rural development

Advise and provide services that are associated to duties and functions of CRCS

Perform the other tasks as assigned by the Principal.

Thursday, 03 April 2014 10:01

TVU programs in 2015

Undergraduate Programs

    1. Khmer Language

    2. Traditional Instrument Performance

    3. Khmer Teaching Education

    4. Minority Ethnic Cultures in Southern Vietnam

    5. Early Childhood Education

    6. Bachelor of Arts in English

    7. Economics (Economics for External Affairs and Agriculture)

    8. Business Administration (Marketing, Finance, Human Resource, General Business and Administrative Office; Administration and Event Organization; Hospitality)

    9. Finance-Banking

    10. Accounting

    11. Office Administration

    12. Community Health

    13. Laws

    14. Information Technology

    15. Construction Engineering

    16. Medical Test

    17. Mechanical Engineering

    18. Electronics and Electricity Engineering

    19. Automation and Control Engineering

    20. General Health Care

    21. Chemistry Engineering

    22. Agriculture

    23. Nursing

    24. Aquaculture

    25. Veterinary

    26. Food Technology

    27. Pharmacy

    28. Odonto - Stomatology, Dentistry


Advanced diploma programs

    1. Khmer Language

    2. Traditional Instrument Performance

    3. Minority Ethnic Cultures in Southern Vietnam

    4. Early Childhood Education

    5. Primary Education

    6. English

    7. Library Science

    8. Food Technology

    9. Nursing

    10. Pharmacy

    11. Office Administration

    12. Accounting

    13. Business Administration

    14. Construction Technology

    15. Information Technology

    16. Medical Test

    17. Mechanical Technology

    18. Electronics and Electricity Technology

    19. Electronics and Communication Technology

    20. Food Processing Technology/Post-Harvest Technology

    21. Aquatic Product Processing Technology

    22. Husbandry

    23. Rural Development

    24. Aquaculture

    25. Veterinary

    26. Social Affairs

    27. Vietnamese Studies


Technical & Vocational certificate programs

    1. Accounting

    2. Applied Informatics

    3. Civil and Industrial Electricity

    4. Aquatic Product Preservation and Processing Technology

    5. Aquaculture

    6. Husbandry- Veterinary

    7. Civil and Industrial Construction

    8. Cultivation

    9. Mechanical Equipment Maintenance and Repair

    10. Agricultural Product Preservation and Processing Technology

    11. Mechanical

    12. Laws

    13. Tourism Business and Administration

    14. Administrative Office

    15. GarmentandFashionTechnology

    16. Tractor Mechanical and Automotive Technology

    17. ElectronicsTechnology

    18. Welding Technology

    19. Communicationand Computer Networks

    20. Website Administration and Design

    21. Computer Repair and Fitting Techniques

    22. Industrial Electronics

    23. Civil Electronics

    24. Telecommunications & Electronics Technology

    25. Power Systems

    26. Thermo-electricity

    27. Khmer Language

    28. Traditional Instrument Performance

    29. Minority Ethnic Cultures in Southern Vietnam

    30. Social Engagement

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