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Mr. Nguyen Hoang Bao- Chief of Student Affair office (the ninth person from the left) gave scholarships for students In recent years, Tra Vinh University students were given many kinds of scholarships by many different sponsors from inside and outside the province.

Approved by TVU Rector Board, on November 19, 2011, Mr. Nguyen Hoang Bao- Chief of Student Affair office and other lecturers participated the Ceremony for scholarships donation for full-time students at the undergraduate level.   Specifically, 20 scholarships sponsored by Southeast Asia Scholarship Fund has the total amount of 53,170,000 VND, 10 scholarships for students who gained highest marks in the entrance exam of the year 2011 and 5 scholarships for needy students who overcame difficulties to study well with the total amount of 30, 000, 000 VND and 10 Shinnyo (Japan) scholarships with the total amount of 15,580,000 VND.

At the ceremony, students expressed their happiness and deep gratitude to the sponsors and their lecturers helped them overcome their difficulties to study better.

Mr. Nguyen Hoang Bao - Chief of Student Affair office wanted the students who got the scholarships to strive their best in studying and activities and should use the money for their studying purposes. On this occasion, Mr. Bao also thanked the donors who sponsored the scholarships in the previous school years and hope them continue to support TVU student in the next school years.


Written by Thanh Son

Translated by Huynh Trang

Mr. Nguyen Phi Cong- Secretary of TVU Youth Union gave the awards for winning musical items To carry out the announcement No 7625/ BGDĐT-CTHSSV dated on November 14, 2011 of Ministry of Education and training on organizing the activities to welcome Vietnamese Teacher’s Day, TVU Youth Union held some exciting musical and sport events.

In the evening of November 18, 2011, TVU Youth union held a performance to announce the winners. The performance was attended by Mr. Thai Phuoc Loc- Deputy Secretary of Tra Vinh Youth Union, Mr. Nguyen Phi Cong-Secretary of TVU Youth Union, Mr. Nguyen Hoang Bao- Head of Department of Student Affair, Mr. Tran Loi- Head of dormitory management board, TVU staff and students.


Thirteen musical items were chosen to perform and the organizing committee awarded the first prize for student Ta Minh Thao- class DA10LB, the second prize for student LamVinh Dong- class DA08AVBPDB, the third prize for students Vo Dien Tan- class TH10THA, Huynh Ngoc Nhi- class  DA11LC, Nguy The dancing item with the title “My village teacher” performed by class K14MNB09 en Thuy Thuy-class K14MNA09 and five students awarded the encouragement prize. The organizing committee chose three dancing items to award for class K14MNB09, CĐTD 2009 and K14MNB09.


The organizing committee also announced three prizes for sport events for branches of Youth union. Two individuals were also awarded the prize of best players. On this occasion, branch of Youth union belonging Faculty of Economics, Laws and Foreign Languages also gave prizes for male and female baseball event.

Mr. Nguyen Phi Cong - Secretary of TVU Youth Union, Deputy head of organizing committee stated that these events helped Youth Union find best students to serve for activities of the institution. They were also meaningful activities to show the gratitude to lecturers on Vietnamese Teacher’s Day.

Written by: Tran Hong

Translated by Huynh Trang

Dr. Szalay Istvan- President of Katki Institute (the fourth person on the right), Dr. Pham Tiet Khanh- Rector of TVU (the third person on the right) and Mr. Nguyen Tien Dung- the second person on the right) at the first meeting of Katki Institute In the afternoon of November 22, 2011, Dr. Szalay Istvan- president of Katki Institute and the delegation visited and worked with TVU. Dr. Pham Tiet Khanh- Rector of TVU, Mr. Nguyen Tien Dung-Vice Rector of TVU and leaders of related departments welcomed Dr. Szalay Istvan and the delegation at Campus I.

Katki Institute is the Institute for Small Animal Research which has been working independently since 1992 under the Ministry of Agriculture. This is the first visit of Katki Institute to Tra Vinh University. The visit of Katki Institute lasted from 22 to 23 November at TVU with the aim at introducing new breeds of  poultry and understanding more about some production models of the Faculty of Agriculture and Aquaculture. At the meeting, Dr. Szalay Istvan was reported about some achievements of Tra Vinh Province and of TVU in recent years which helped him know more deeply about Agriculture in Tra Vinh.

On behalf of TVU Rector Board, Dr. Pham Tiet Khanh expressed his delight to welcome the delegation from Katki Institute and desired to have long-term cooperation between the two institutions. The visit has helped the two institutions with deeper understanding and promised a good future cooperation on research and technology of raising poultry.


Written by Huynh Trang

Dr. Pham Tiet Khanh- Rector of TVU gave flowers to retired teacher delegates. On the occasion of 29th celebration of Vietnamese Teacher’s Day (20/11/1982-20/11/2011), in the morning of November 20, 2011, Tra Vinh university solemnly organized the traditional meeting. At the meeting, TVU Rector Board, over 500 staff members and students were honored to welcome Mr. Duong Hoang Nghia- Deputy Secretary of Tra Vinh Party Committee, Ms. Son Thi Anh Hong- Vice Chairwoman of Tra Vinh People’s committee, retired teachers, leaders of provincial departments, enterprises inside and outside the province. TVU also welcomed Mr. David Walls- Vice president of SIAST, the delegation and Dr. Pham Tiet Khanh- Rector of TVU gave a speech at the meeting. volunteers currently working at TVU.

Mr. Nguyen Tien Dung- Vice Rector of TVU opened the meeting by reading the congratulation letter of the Chairman of Tra Vinh People’s Committee sending for teachers on Vietnamese Teacher’s Day. The delegates and all TVU staff members and students were also heard Dr. Pham Tiet Khanh- Rector of TVU give a speech to review good memories on this special day.

Ms. Son Thi Anh Hong- Vice Chairwoman of  Tra Vinh People’s Committee is giving a speech at the meeting. On this occasion, Dr. Pham Tiet Khanh gave congratulations to provincial leaders, retired teachers. He also hopes that the teaching staff will strive for further achievements in this new school year. He also encourages students to promote their self-study, absorb and apply what they have studied into real life and become good citizens for society.

In order to show profound gratitude to the retired teachers who contributed into the development of Tra Vinh’s education, on behalf of TVU, Dr. Pham Tiet Khanh gave flowers to these teachers.

Ms. Son Thi Anh Hong- Vice chairwoman of Tra Vinh People’s committee congratulated all TVU staff members on this special day. She also appreciated TVU’s effort Individuals and units of TVU were awarded for their good achievements in the last school year. to get the achievements in recent years. However, she also noted that TVU needs to focus on improve its teaching staff to meet the demands of the  society.

At the meeting, many staff members and units were awarded by Chairman of Tra Vinh People’s Committee for their good achievements in the last school year. Besides, those who have won the contest of teaching material design sponsored by SIAST were given the awards at the meeting. Concurrently, the organizer committee of teaching contest and contest of designing models and teaching aids also gave certificates of merit for the lecturers who won these contests.

The meeting to celebrate Vietnamese Teacher’s Day has ended with joy of TVU teaching staff members and with their strive, all of the teaching staff will finish their tasks in the new school year.

Written by: Thanh Sơn

Model of Khmer Pagoda deigned by Mr. Son Cao Thang awarded Prize C.

To welcome Vietnamese Teacher’s Day (November 20), Department of Science Technology and Post-Graduate Affair of TVU coordinated with other units to organize a contest on creating teaching visual aids and exhibited from November 19 to November 20, 2011 at Campus I, TVU.

Model of Integrated teaching in pre-school education designed by group of authors at Faculty of Pedagogy awarded Prize B The exhibition displayed eleven works won from the contest and other models chosen  such as : the microcontroller, model of Nissan direct ignition engine, model of supervision, remote control via GSM, model of integrated teaching in pre-school education, industrial crane model, position controller by using servo motor, table equipped with electrical units, model of Khmer pagoda, etc.

Model of signal lightening system designed by Mr. Phan Tan Tai awarded prize A. The contest is an opportunity for  TVU staff showing their creativity, the ability of researching and designing models to support teaching and learning at TVU. The exhibition on the occasion of Vietnamese Teacher’s Day helped lecturers, students and delegates know about teaching and researching activities at TVU.

Written by Huynh Sang.

Translated by Huynh Trang.

Dr. Pham Tiet Khanh- Rector of TVU and Mr. David Walls – Vice President of SIAST signed the MOU term 2011-2016. On November 19 & 20, 2011, the delegation of Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology (SIAST) led by Mr. David Walls- Vice president, Academic came to visit and worked with TVU.

The collaboration between TVU and SIAST has been developed since 2001. SIAST is one of the institutions which helped TVU in applying community college model. During ten years, the two institutions have had different cooperative activities such as sharing, exchanging information, books and reference materials, research and training program development. SIAST has also sponsored TVU the annual curriculum design contest since 2006.

In the morning of November 20, 2011,  Dr. PhamTiet Khanh- Rector of TVU and Mr. David Walls- Vice president of SIAST signed Memorandum of Understanding(MOU) term 2011-2016 with the witness of provincial leaders: Mr. Duong Hoang Nghia- Deputy Secretary of Tra Vinh Party Committee and Ms. Son Thi Anh Hong- Vice Chairwoman of Tra Vinh people’s committee and TVU Rector Board: Mr. Nguyen Tien Dung, Mr. Le Van Don, Mr. Vo Hoang Khai and all staffs and students of TVU.

Dr. Pham Tiet Khanh – Rector of TVU, President of VACC gave the Decision & Certificate to consider SIAST as a member of VACC for Mr. David Walls. The signing will help the two institutions in long term and sustainable cooperation. SIAST has committed to continue funding the awards for the curriculum design contest  during the term of cooperation agreement and the two institutions will promote other cooperative activities. On this occasion, Mr. David Walls awarded three lecturers who won the contest of curriculum design in 2011.

After the signing ceremony, Dr. Pham Tiet Khanh- Rector of TVU, President of Vietnam Association of Community colleges gave the Decision and Certificate to consider SIAST a member of VACC for Mr. David Walls- Vice president of SIAST.

On the occasion of  Vietnamese Teacher’s Day (November 20, 2011), TVU solemly invited the SIAST delegation to attend the meeting with  staff and students.


Written by: Huynh Trang

Organizing Committee of the “Teaching Contest, school year 2010-2011. As posted in August about the “Teaching Contest”, school year 2010-2011” organizing committee announced the awards of the contest for the best lecturers.

The Organizing Committee awarded five prizes including two third prizes, two encouraging prizes and one team prize. On teaching practice exam, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Tan- Lec The teaching practice period of Mr. Nguyen Thanh Tan. turer from unit of Electronics and telecommunication won the third prize and Mr. Nguyen Thua Phat Tai- Lecturer from unit of IT won the fourth prize. On the theoretical examination, Ms. Nguyen Thuy Linh - Lecturer from unit of Animal Husbandry & Vet won the third prize and Mr. Pham Bao Nguyen- Lecturer from unit of Post-Harvest technology and one group prize belong to Faculty of Engineering & Technology.

The contest is an opportunity for lecturers from various units of TVU to exchange, share knowledge and teaching experience with the objective of innovating teaching methods and improving the quality of education and training.


Written by : Huynh Nhu

fimage001_1 On October 22, 2011 at the Forum for International Cooperation Canada- Vietnam held by VACC, Seameo Retrac Center and ACCC, Tra Vinh University signed an MOU with with Fisheries and Marine Institute of Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada (MI) term 2011 to 2016.

The successful signing between TVU and MI is very important in strengthening and developing the relations of the two institutions. MI is one of the Canadian institutions which has helped Tra Vinh Community College  in applying successfully community college model in 2001. Since 2001 until now, TVU and MI has had many cooperation activities in various fields.

The new point in the MOU between TVU and MI, term 2011-2016 is that MI will give scholarships for TVU needy students with the sum of $1,000 per year during the term of the agreement cooperation and the two institutions will promote the research, evaluation on training programs in preparation for Master degree joint training in the near future.

After the signing ceremony, Mr. Bill Chislett- Director of MI responsible for international relations gave $1,000 for tVU representative to grant scholarships for students in the school year 2011-2012.


Written by : Tieu Thuy

The delegations at the workshop held in Soctrang on November 11, 2011.(Dr. Dang Huynh Mai- the sixth person from the right) On November 15 and November 17, 2011, Tra Vinh University held two workshops to introduce  Cooperative Training program (Co-op) with the participation of  more than 70 enterprises coming from the Mekong Delta and Ho Chi Minh City.  

The workshop held at Soc Trang Community College on November 15, 2011 solemnly welcomed Dr. Dang Huynh Mai- Former Deputy Minister of Education & Training, Head of Department of University management in the Mekong Delta. Dr. Dang Huynh Mai supported Co-op model of TVU and expressed her high appreciation to T iThe signing ceremony of cooperation between My Lan Electronics Company of My Lan Group with the Faculty of Engineering & Technology of TVU. (Dr. Nguyen Thanh My- the fourth person from the left) VU as a pioneer in application and expansion this training model.

At the workshop held at TVU on November 17, 2011, Dr. Nguyen Thanh My- President of My Lan Group, Dean of Faculty of Applied Chemistry of TVU shared with other enterprises his experiences and success of Co-op Program on Chemical Engineering Technology with TVU. The participants of the workshop also witnessed the signing ceremony of cooperation between My Lan Optoelectronics Company, one of the subsidiaries of My Lan Group with the Faculty of Engineering & Technology of TVU on delivering co-op programs on IT, Electronics and Telecommunications.

Being interested in the Co-op model, the participants of the two workshops expressed their willing in cooperation with TVU to deliver this program in the near future. The success of the two workshops is the initiative step for the next activities in expanding Co-op program with other enterprises of TVU. The program carried out  at TVU aiming to best serve students, to enhance their skills and career opportunities and to demand the benefits and requirements of the enterprises.


Written by: Thanh Thuy

Mr. Vo Hoang Khai- Vice Rector of TVU awarded the degree to students Tra Vinh University solemnly held course-ending and degree awarding ceremony for 214 students of two forms of training: regular pedagogical college and in-service two-year college courses on November 11, 2011. The ceremony was held with the participation of Mr. Vo Hoang Khai- Vice Rector of TVU and related division leaders of TVU.

Mr. Vo Hoang Khai delivered the speech at the ceremony Graduation Council approved the graduation of 214 students of whom 91 were regular pedagogical college training students and 123 were in-service students of Nursery pedagogical training (9+3 program) and Primary school pedagogical training(9+3). The pass graduation result is 97% in which 07 pedagogical college training students and 05 in service training students got very good grade.

At the ceremony, Mr Vo Hoang Khai congratulated the students completing their studying tasks and expressed his wish that students will promote what they got at Tra Vinh University to develop Tra Vinh’s education. Also, TVU will welcome those who want to get higher studies at the university.


Written by Thanh Son.

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