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(TVU) – On January 9, "Typical student in 2017" celebration took place at Tra Vinh University welcoming the 68th anniversary of Students’ Day. Mr. Tran Van Trong- TVU Vice Rector and about 1,000 TVU students attended this event.


IMG 3750 TVU  


Speaking at the ceremony, the Vice Rector said: "Over 68 years of formation and development, Vietnamese students have set remarkably typical examples in various fields”. He also praised the students’ active involvement in the university activities with many outstanding results, and hoped that they will keep striving for the title "Typical Student” toward building a model of a typically dynamic and creative Vietnamese student generation.


Tra Vinh University honoured 101 students with the title of "Typical student in 2017” and the award offerings to other activities in the event of the 68th anniversary of Students’ Day this year were also taken place on that day as well.


Cao Nhan Tinh, course-2014 student in law happily expressed: "The award of being a typical student has resulted from my efforts in study and active involvement in activities after a year. I also hope that other students will make their best efforts for the honour of typical students".


 The "Typical Student" campaign has launched since 2009 aiming at honouring students with outstanding achievements based on five set criteria: conduct, academic results, involvement in volunteerism, health condition, and integration.


IMG 3729 TVU  


IMG 3724 TVU


By Minh Nhut

(TVU)- In the scope of the coop training program between Tra Vinh University (TVU) and enterprises, TVU Aquaculture students have just completed their coop internship at Thong Thuan Company, Kien Giang Branch. So far TVU Teaching and Learning Center has received positive feedback from students, parents and employers through conducting the coop training program over the past years.


1-Sinh-vien-nganh-nuoi-trong-thuy-san-bao-cao-ket-qua-Co-op 600x424 09fcc51e5352993195d3b36bb6fd83de 



As reported by the students, this co-op program helps them get access to new technologies in aquaculture and better understand about their profession and apply specialized knowledge to practice.


Mr. Vuong Tuan Phong, the former co-op coordinator said that in addition to good skills, co-op students are very active and confident in their practice. Through this program, the students have opportunities to experience practical working environment.


According to Dr. Huynh Kim Huong, Vice-Dean of TVU school of Agri-Aquaculture, the coop program has opened up collaborative opportunities between the university and enterprises, helping tailor TVU training programs to employers’ demand and increasing employment opportunities for TVU students.  


2-Sinh-vien-Thuy-t-trinh-tiBuibao-cao 600x424 581221c040cda20c8cbcc598ba843a24


3-Lanh-o-BmonThysnnthmsinh-vientinithctpCoop 600x424 45ed5d16a143653519a932fb99007f85 


By Minh Nhut

(TVU) – On January 8, Tra Vinh University (TVU) offered career and enrolment consultancy sessions for high school students in Dong Thap province.




Mr. Nguyen Van Sau, Dean of the TVU school of Foundation Science said that the consultancy session has received great concerns from high school students through the introduction of TVU overview, training programs, learning policies, especially information on career orientation, which help them have more motivation in their studies as well as proper career identification in their life.


TVU has provided the consultancy sessions to students at several high schools in Dong Thap province on that day.  






By Minh Nhut

(TVU) – On January 9th, 2018, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pham Tiet Khanh, TVU Rector warmly welcomed Dr. Yasmen Simonian, Dean, Dr. Ezekiel R. Dumke College of Health Professions, Brady Presidential Distinguished Professor, Weber State University (WSU), USA and the delegation.




The visit aims at exploring co-operation opportunities on medical aspects between the two universities. At the meeting, TVU and WSU deeply discussed on the activities of training co-operation on health domains, teacher and student exchange, internships and scholarships to their students.


Dr. Yasmen Simonian said: “TVU offers multi-disciplines and its adequate facilities and friendly learning environment help the students be more active and creative”.


Taking this precious chance, the delegation took a tour to TVU labs and dormitory, and visited the TVU patients as well. Afterwards, the delegation had a friendly talk to the lecturers and students of TVU School of Medicine and Pharmacy.


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pham Tiet Khanh expressed his gratitude to Dr. Yasmen Simonian and the delegation for the warm visit and the fruitful discussion. “We hope that our institutional relations will be more tightened and our academic co-operation on medical aspects will be boosted to bring benefits to our students”, said the Rector.


IMG 3112 TVU  


IMG 3157 TVU


IMG 3172 TVU


IMG 3181 tvu


IMG 3243 TVU


IMG 3316 TVU


IMG 3378 TVU


IMG 3422 TVU



By Diem Thuy

(TVU) –Tra Vinh University (TVU) School of Education and Thanh Thanh Cong Education Joint Stock Company entered into an agreement on the field of kindergarten education on the last December 27.


IMG 6319 TVU  


Within the scope of the agreement, students of TVU School of Education will be offered internship opportunity and professional training delivery, thereby being able to apply the learned knowledge to practical environment and improving professional and technical skills, which all contribute to meeting the social demand of labour resource quality.


In addition, TVU students of this field will enjoy opportunity to get involved in meetings with the company, which then helps them suit the need of employers and devise a better plan in their study.


"The scope of this agreement is to aim at seeking for young, dynamic and motivated teachers in the future towards the educational development and renovation at kindergarten schools", Ms. Pham Thi Thu Trang, Permanent Deputy General Director of the Company said.


 She added that Tra Vinh University is a good learning environment in equipping students with basic foundation of knowledge for higher development and offering them best practical experience; thereby, following that the company will also prioritize the selection of students with excellent academic results.


 At the agreement ceremony, Mr. Vo Hoang Khai, TVU Vice Rector said that this agreement will help students develop their professional skills and experience in new learning environment, meeting the practical need of society. He also highly appreciated the cooperation between the two sides and hoped this will bring about the best results.


IMG 6342 TVU  


By Minh Nhut

Wednesday, 03 January 2018 21:17

Hungarian University Scholarships

Hungarian University Scholarships
Deadline: 28 February 2018 

(TVU) - On December 31,2017, more than 350 students and teachers of Vinh Kim high school, Tien Giang province attended career counselling session at Tra Vinh University.


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During the career counselling session, the students and teachers were provided with the university overview including training programs as well as enrolment in 2018.


Mr. Nguyen Dong Khoi, Head of TVU department for Communication and Community Engagement also introduced the students with some preferential policies and shared potential job opportunities related to training programs of the university. He also thanked the school leaders and students for their visit and attendance at this career counselling.


Through this visit, Ms. Nguyen Thi Le Ha, vice principal of Vinh Kim high school hoped that the students could have chances to gain practical experience thereby helping them choose a proper career for their future.


As part of this visit, students and teachers were introduced to some TVU campus learning sites, enjoying original performances together and visited some historical sites of Tra Vinh province.   


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By Minh Nhut

(TVU) - On December 27, the awarding ceremony for the final round of the contest "Initiatives of business start-up" in Tra Vinh province in 2017 took place at Tra Vinh University.


IMG 0165 TVU


Over 90 ideas of various fields in the whole province were reviewed, out of which the most typical start-up ideas by TVU students were awarded including the first-prize initiative "Traditional Khmer handicraft products associated with the development of souvenirs for Tra Vinh province" by the author group of Thach Huynh Thaone and the second-prize initiative "coffee-cuisine shop associated with the tradition of Southern Khmer culture" by author Nguyen Hien Dat.  


Ms. Huynh Thi Hang Nga, Secretary of the Provincial Youth Union and Deputy Head of the Organizing Committee said: "The contest has received the enthusiastic participation of youths with over 90 ideas entries, most of which are of high quality and can develop into potential start-up projects”.  


According to the Organizing Committee, this is a very practical activity aiming at helping youths have the opportunity to develop their business ideas in economics, law, agriculture, technology, tourism, culture and arts, and opening opportunities for experience learning and sharing between youths as well as potential collaborative opportunities between youths and businesses.


IMG 0126 copy TVU  


IMG 0123 copy TVU  


IMG 0174 TVU



By Minh Nhut

(TVU) - On the morning of December 23, the first Vinaphone Sports Cup in 2017 opened on Tra Vinh University (TVU) dormitory playground in coordination with Vinaphone-Tra Vinh Posts and Telecommunications. Ms. Thach Thi Dan, TVU Vice Rector attended this event.


IMG 9837 tvu


Giving the opening speech, the Vice Rector said: "The club has created a healthy playground, thereby fostering the high spirit of solidarity, offering opportunity of experience exchange to each other as well as creating a stirring atmosphere among TVU staff, faculty members and students."

This sports event is taking place from December 23-30 with two main sports of football and volleyball attracting the participation of over 200 athletes to be TVU staff, faculty members and students.

Dang Minh Khanh, course-2015 student of veterinary major said cheerfully: "I am very excited to join this event, through which it helps promote friendships between dormitory members.”

This first Vinaphone Sports Cup takes place in warm atmosphere congratulating the 11th National Youth Union Congress and celebrating the 68th anniversary of Students’ Day.


IMG 9882 tvu  


IMG 9896 tvu


IMG 9875 tvu


By Minh Nhut

(TVU) - On December 20, the session on the University Strategic Orientation for the period 2018-2025 with the vision 2030 took place at Tra Vinh University, presided by Mr. Tran Hoan Kim, Chairman of TVU Advisory Council. This important meeting was to review the achieved results over the last time and set up a strategic plan for the phase 2018-2025 with the vision to 2030.




Dr. Nguyen Tien Dung, TVU Vice Rector emphasized that it is necessary to better understand the relationships between faculty members and students in order to improve the quality of training as well as to create resources for the university.


In the session, many important ideas were brought out in various fields of education and training, socio-economic-cultural development at local, regional and national levels, all towards the future developmental strategy of Tra Vinh University.


Prof. Vo Van Truong said that TVU should consider the opening of more specific programs associated with the development of the regional tourism and promoting e-learning through the expansion of networks with national and international institutions. He also emphasized the important role of Tra Vinh University as a place to form students with good knowledge and critical thinking, thereby helping them later in life.  


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Le Quang Minh, Vice Chairman of the Advisory Council said that Tra Vinh University is on the right way to an applied research university. He added that it should promote the AUN-QN-based training programs associated with the demand of labor market that Coop program is a typical example. In addition, it should build the developmental strategy of TVU image towards the core value of an applied research university and output quality.  


Dr. Phan Manh Tien, the Advisory Council member affirmed that Tra Vinh University is on the right track of an applied research university, especially shows special concerns about minor ethnic people, women and disadvantaged groups. He added that the University should associate educational training activities with English instruction in order to help building a reputation for the university.


In addition, the advisory council members highly evaluated the TVU training programs, especially showed special concerns about two fields of medicine-pharmacy and the Southern Khmer language, culture and arts.  


The Chairman of the Advisory Council highly appreciated the significant contributions of the members and expressed his belief that Tra Vinh University will develop stronger in the years to come.  


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pham Tiet Khanh, TVU Rector said that development of Tra Vinh University is coupled with quality as its top priority and highly evaluated the valuable contributions of the members, which will contribute to the completion of the university’s strategic plan.












At this meeting, Dr. Nguyen Tien Dung, TVU Vice Rector was nominated to the Vice Chairman of the Advisory Council, Tra Vinh University.


By Minh Nhut

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