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Thursday, 03 August 2017 07:24

41 Undergraduate programs

1. Khmer Language
2. Traditional Instrument Performance
3. Khmer Teaching Education
4. Minority Ethnic Cultures in Vietnam
5. Early Childhood Education
6. English Linguistics
7. Economics
8. Travel Services Management
9. Business Administration
10. Finance-Banking
11. Accounting
12. Office Administration
13. Community Health
14. Laws
15. Information Technology
16. Construction Technology
17. Medical Test
18. Mechanical Engineering
19. Electronics and Electricity Engineering
20. Automation and Control Engineering
21. General Health Care
22. Chemical Engineering
23. Agriculture
24. Nursing
25. Aquaculture
26. Veterinary
27. Food technology
28. Pharmacy
29. Odonto - Stomatology, Dentistry
30. Materials Science
31. Social Work
32. Applied Mathematics
33. Construction Technology of Traffic Works
34. Industrial Design
35. Environmental technology
36. Cultural Studies
37. Music Studies
38. Political Science
39. Primary Education

40. Public Management

41. Rehabilitation

(TVU) -  On July 31, TVU Steering Committee of Summer Campaign 2017 led by Mr. Tran Van Trong, TVU Vice Rector visited the students attending Summer Campaign.


Tham chien si tai Tap Son

 TVU Rector Board visits the students


  The Steering Committee expressed their care to students’ health, difficulties and contribution to the families and local people in the past two weeks.


Student Duong Nhat Truong said the participants have successfully integrated their life and work in the districts and showed their solidarity in implementing the common missions.  


 “This is an interesting experience and good memory in my study life. It is a great opportunity for us to apply the obtained skills and knowledge into their real work”, said student Dang Thi Thao.



Mr. Tran Van Trong, TVU Vice Rector visits the students


TVU Rector Board has highly evaluated the students’ great contribution including law dissemination, environmental sanitation and free medicine distribution to the poor and community.



 Mr. Tran Van Trong expresses his sincere thanks to the families where the students are living with.



 By Diem Thuy 

Wednesday, 02 August 2017 14:07

Advanced Diploma programs

1. Khmer Language
2. Traditional Instrument Performance
3. Minority Ethnic Cultures in Vietnam
4. Early Childhood Education
5. English
6. Library Science
7. Nursing
8. Pharmacy
9. Office Administration
10. Accounting
11. Business Administration
12. Construction Technology
13. Information Technology
14. Medical Test
15. Mechanical Technology
16. Electronics and Electricity Technology
17. Electronics and Communication Technology
18. Food Technology
19. Rural Development
20. Aquaculture
21. Veterinary Services
22. Social Work
23. Vietnamese Studies
24. Travel Services Management
25. Sewing Technology
26. Home economics

Wednesday, 02 August 2017 14:06

21 Master programs

1. Information Technology

2. Chemical Technology

3. Accounting

4. Economics Management

5. Business Administration

6. Finance- Banking

7. Electricity Technology

8. Rural Development

9. Veterinary

10. Civil Law and Civil Procedure

11. Economic Law

12. Constitutional and Administrative Law

13. Literature Teaching Methodology

14. Cultural Studies

15. English Teaching Methodology

16. Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure
17. Education Management
18. Public Management

19. Public Policy

20. Aquaculture

21. Education

Monday, 24 July 2017 07:31

Job Fair 2017 at Tra Vinh University

(TVU) – A job fair is going to take place from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm on August 5, 2017 at Campus I, Tra Vinh University (TVU). There will be around 800 TVU graduated students and thousands of candidates participating in this fair in the hope of seeking good jobs at companies in Tra Vinh and other provinces.


ngay hoi viec lam

 “The annual job fair offers job opportunities to students and candidates through communicating with employers”, said Mr. Nguyen Duy, Vice Director of Career Services Center.


 Coming to this practical fair, the participants will be advised on how to attend to the recruitment process of these enterprises and choosing jobs in accordance with their own capacity and qualifications. After submitting their applications to the employers, the candidates will be interviewed at the fair. 


TVU is a bridge to connect students to enterprises so that they can seek and get their dream jobs. It is one of the important missions of this university in providing qualified human resources to the community.   


Contact: Career Services Center, Tra Vinh University

Room: A11.111, 126, Nguyen Thien Thanh, Hamlet 4, Ward 5, Tra Vinh City, Tra Vinh Province. Tel: +84-2943- 603688 or +84- 2943- 855246 (Ext:247)



By Diem Thuy

(TVU)- On 14 July 2017, Dr. Nguyen Tien Dung and Ms. Thach Thi Dan, Tra Vinh University (TVU) Vice Rectors warmly welcomed the representatives of partnership schools at the main campus.



The delegation visits TVU campus 

 The visit aimed at enhancing co-operation opportunities between TVU and its training partners to promote their strength in training affairs for meeting learners’ learning needs.


Dr. Nguyen Tien Dung expressed his pleasure and gratitude to the delegation for the visit. He believed this visit played an important role in tightening the friendship and partnership between TVU and these training partners.


The delegation expressed their pleasure at witnessing the campus’ beauty and TVU training model. They highly evaluated the collaborative training programs between TVU and its partners in meeting the community’s lifelong learning needs. 



The delegation visits TVU dormitory



The delegation visits TVU Clinic Center



By Diem Thuy

TVU) – July 19 2017, the conference on "The Role of Khmer Women in the Conservation and Promotion of Mother Tongue” was taken place in Tra Vinh University (TVU) by its Gender and Community Department. Ms. Thach Thi Dan, TVU Vice Rector attended the conference.



The conference attracted around 100 participants who were managers, researchers, lecturers and students. 15 out 19 papers have been selected for the conference’s summary record. There were many viewpoints about the status of using the native language of the Khmer in the context of urbanization and cultural exchange.   


Dr. Ho Xuan Mai coming from Southern Institute of Social Sciences said: “The conference’s theme is new and practical as Southern Khmer language is at risk of falling into oblivion.”  


 “Khmer language has to be considered as a compulsory subject. And the contests of eloquence, singing and story telling in Khmer language should be organized to promote the use of native language”, said lecturer Ta Phia Rinh, Soc Trang Teachers’ Training College.


Vice Rector Thach Thi Dan highly evaluated the thoughtful discussions and opinions which clarified the role of Khmer women in preserving and promoting their mother tongue and pointed out the shortcomings existed to be improved.



Vice Rector Thach Thi Dan delivers her speech at the conference


 Participants present their presentations at the conference 





























By Diem Thuy 

Wednesday, 19 July 2017 07:33

TVU Students with Summer Campaign 2017

(TVU) – On July 15, over 1,000 students attended the commencement ceremony for Summer Campaign 2017. Mr. Tran Hoan Kim, Chairman of TVU Advisory Council participated in the ceremony.



 The campaign lasts one month, from July 16 to August 16 at three districts of Tra Vinh province.


At the commencement ceremony, Ms. Ho Thi Thuy Hang, Secretary of TVU Youth Union said “TVU students eagerly help community in the three districts to develop rural areas”.   


 “We believe that our enthusiasm will help people to develop the places where they live. In spite of having much difficulty, we strive to accomplish this voluntary job. We would like to help them for the rural development”, said Student Le Thi Thanh The.


 Mr. Huynh Van Muoi Mot, Deputy Secretary of TVU Party Committee acknowledged the contribution of TVU students to this annual campaign. He hopes this meaningful activity will continue to receive more support and funding from sponsors.






By Diem Thuy

(TVU)- On July 7 2017, Prof. Tran Tu Anh coming from University of Nimes, France delivered his scientific presentation on “Arthritis and Clinical Immunology” to TVU doctors and lecturers at the main campus. Dr Nguyen Tien Dung, TVU Vice Rector attended the conference.




This conference attracted the participation of lecturers and doctors from University of Medicine and Pharmacy at Ho Chi Minh City and Tra Vinh Provincial Preventive Health Center. It took place in two sessions with several topics, including “juvenile arthritis”, “recurrent genetic fever” and “inflammatory syndrome”.



Prof. Tran Tu Anh delivers his presentation on “Arthritis and Clinical Immunology”


The attendees showed their interest by making many questions about the difference in the arthritis treatment between adults and children. And they would like to know its clinical signs and treatment problems.


Dr Nguyen Tien Dung, TVU Vice Rector expressed his gratitude to Prof. Tran Tu Anh for the helpful presentation and sent his sincere thanks to the participants. The Vice Rector hopes that TVU will receive more support from scientists in the medical field for its development.


It is a great opportunity for this university’s lecturers and Tra Vinh doctors to update the measures of diagnosis and treatment to arthritis and self-inflamed syndrome, especially to children.




By Diem Thuy

Friday, 14 July 2017 09:30


tvu 1489369373

Dear the scientists, experts and managers from Ministries and ministerial-level Agencies, the Institutions, Agencies, Departments, Academies, Universities, Centers, enterprises,...and whom it may concerns in fields of  animal husbandry, veterinary, animal industries, agricultural economics, and environment in Viet Nam and other countries.

Tra Vinh University cooperated with the Asian-Australian Dairy Goat Association to host the 4th Asian-Australian Dairy Goat Conference at Tra Vinh University, Vietnam.

On behalf of the Organizing Committee kindly invites your participation in the Fourth AADGC Conference. Its theme isStrengthening Development of Dairy Goat Production Adapting to Climate change

The conference will feature world-class international speakers, tutorials, exhibits, lectures and poster sessions from around the World. Topics include but are not limited to:


1/ Overview on Development of Dairy Goat production for Climate change Adaptation domestically and internationally

2/ Development of Dairy Goat production in the economic integration period.

3/ Overview about dairy goat production from the participating countries

4/ Breeding and Genetics

5/ Feed and Nutrition

6/ Dairy Goat Management

7/ Health and Diseases

8/ Milk and Milk Products

9/ Socio Economic Effects of Dairy Goat

10/ Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Climate Change Adaptation

Submission of Papers

Prospective authors are invited to submit the abstracts and full-length papers (four pages) for technical content including figures and possible references, and with one additional optional 5th page containing only references. A selection of  the best papers will be made by the Scientific Committee for awards.

Paper Publication

The manuscripts will be got the pear review by the Scientific Committee and then the accepted papers will be published in the Conference Proceedings with ISBN number.

DEADLINE FOR ELECTRONIC SUBMISSION OF ABSTRACTS: Friday, April 27th, 2018 • 5:00pm Western Indonesian Time (UTC +7)

DEADLINE FOR ELECTRONIC SUBMISSION OF PAPERS: Friday, June 1st, 2018 • 5:00pm Western Indonesian Time (UTC +7)

You may register online


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