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On the evening of December 15, 2016, the 13th Get Together with the theme “Free to be me” took place attracting the participation of over 300 students and teachers. The event is organized by the School of Foreign Languages on Campus I, Tra Vinh University.


IMG 9201 This Get Together has been taking place as an annually traditional event held since over last ten years.  The program was designed, set up and undertaken by the School of Foreign Languages’ students along with teachers and volunteers from Canada, France and the Philippines.     


In this evening event, Rector of Tra Vinh University, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pham Tiet Khanh said “Get Together is the annual event organized by the enthusiastic support of the teachers. I sincerely acknowledge efforts and wish the program success.”


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pham Tiet Khanh has enjoyed the brilliant performances for the whole two hours and been impressed by students’ English ability. He closed the event in his speech with his compliments on the professional organization and newly original ideas.


With the theme “Free to be me”, the students greatly showed their creativity and activeness in each performance, lively demonstrated through confidently clever dancing, impressive costumes in the fashion show as well as excellent ability in each scene.


A volunteer from Canada, Ms. Georgina Alonso said: “I really enjoyed this evening Get Together because all of the performances convey their own impression and special emotion to audience.”


Each performance was selected and prepared meticulously with the participation of students including former ones and volunteers of TVU School of Foreign Languages, the Philippines and the Culture and Arts Club.


Dang Thi Hao, student of DA15NNAA course in her performance of “Je vole” with the French volunteer, said: “The success of the program is mostly thanks to our hard practice during three months and the enthusiastic support of the School’s teachers.”


Fourteen performances were filled with overwhelming emotion to hundreds of audience. The perfect ending left warm and cheerful echo. At the end of 2016 Get Together, Dean of the School of Foreign Languages, Dr. Nguyen Thi Phuong Nam offered acknowledgments to the students and thanked their contribution to its success. The Dean also, with some her last words, gave everybody her best wishes to Christmas and New Year.

IMG 8591

IMG 8622

IMG 9082

IMG 9160

IMG 9179


By Minh Nhut

TVU- On December 1, 9 and 15, 2016, three Canadian interns, Stephanie A. Sorowka, Georgina Alonso, and Allison Kader from Marine Institute enthusiastically delivered their presentations on how to protect our environment to over 450 TVU students.

Ms. Sorowka

Beginning with general information about protected areas in Canada, Stephanie A. Sorowka raised students’ awareness of environmental protection in Vietnam. “For the health of the world and in turn, ourselves, I hope we can all continue to protect our land and sea. Show you care!”, Ms. Sorowka left a message.



The second session is Georgina Alonso’s presentation. She focused on impacts of climate change to our life. She emphasized that climate change has affected animal populations and their migration patterns.

In order to cap up the seminars, Allison Kader provided the participants with the importance of natural resources. Thanks to natural resources, GDP is increased, more things are produced, more people are employed and international trade is implemented in higher level.

The presentations provided the students with knowledge about impacts of climate change and helped to increase their awareness about environmental protection.


By Hong Kel  



TVU – The first orientation meeting for TVU’s students who were selected to join International Sustainability Project 2017 (ISP) with Australia’s Swinburne University took place on December 16, 2017 at TVU Campus One’s Management Building.

Group photo with Prof Pham Tiet Khanh third from left first row


Group photo with Prof Pham Tiet Khanh (third from left, first row)

The ISP 2017, the fourth year in a row, will kick start on January 8, 2017, involving 40 active academic staff and students of Tra Vinh and Swinburne Universities (SUT).


The main aim of the project is to promote awareness of environmental issues and draft practical sustainability projects both within and outside of the campus.


TVU students who have successfully passed an essay writing and an interview were selected to join this international project. In addition to working together to explore feasible sustainability projects to submit to TVU Management Board, both SUT and TVU students will have an opportunity to exchange culture and knowledge, sharping their intercultural and teamwork skills.


TVU’s ISP 2017 students of the School of Foreign Languages, School of Engineering and Technology, and School of Medicine and Pharmacy will work with SUT students to addess a series of environmental sustainability issues during a two-week long project.


Students are scheduled to take part in a variety of activities including the field survey of green situation in the campus and Duyen Hai District, the competition of picking up garbage at TVU Campus 1 and Ba Om Pond, green marathon competition, green painting competition with high school students, eco-fashion show, and travel to nearby provinces to promote environmental awareness.


Dr. Ho Dac Tuc, who led the project on the TVU side, said: “Our students not only learn how to work in groups effectively but also create their own green and practical projects freely in a fun and professional environment.”


Bao Trang, a final-year English major, said: “That’s exciting. TVU and SUT have an opportunity to work together to protect the environment, our planet. Also, my English skills will be improved more. I can’t wait to see SUT students.”

Thanh Thao, a second-year English major, said: “I have known ISP since last year. To join this program, I must try my best. How wonderful! I got it. It was the chance I had been waiting for.”


The orientation meeting ended with a great fun when students had a chance to have a group photo with the TVU Rector, Professor Pham Tiet Khanh, who signed the Talloires Declaration in October 2013 – an international commitment to sustainability in higher education – that laid the ground work for the ISP.


ISP 2017 is on. Enjoy the adventure!


News by Do Bich Hong Nhung

Photo by Nguyen Yen Thanh

Friday, 02 December 2016 15:26

Dental workshop held in Tra Vinh University

 (TVU) – On November 26, over 400 international and national professors, doctors and experts on dental field, and more than Tra Vinh University 100 students and lecturers participated in the dental workshop at TVU.    


Hoi thao RHM DHTV Dai bieu

This workshop has been hosted by Tra Vinh University and Ho Chi Minh City Odontology Association in the purpose of providing lastest knowledge and technology on odontology to participants as well as TVU lecturers and students.


 At the workshop, professors, doctors and experts from Malaysia, Philippines, Afghanistan and Vietnam delivered their interesting presentations on Implant and shared useful experience on dentistry.


Student Ho Thi Bach Huynh said This workshop brings together experts, delegates, lecturers and students in the field of dentistry and I have been impressed by the experts’ knowledge and practices which help me to update the latest technology”.


 Associate Prof. Dr. Pham Tiet Khanh, TVU Rector expressed his gratitude and appreciation to participants and the people all who had contributed to the success of the workshop. “We are very pleased to hold such a practical and meaningful workshop which allows TVU students and lecturers to enrich their understanding, practices, and research and teaching orientation on odontology”,  said the Rector.

The experts deliver their presentations

  Hoi thao khoa hoc RHM DH Tra VinhIMG 7265 DHTV

Hoi thao khoa hoc RHM DH Tra VinhIMG 7307 DHTV

Hoi thao khoa hoc RHM DH Tra VinhIMG 7327 DHTV


 TVU students are interested in the presentations and academic activities of the workshop.


  Halii Castillo  

20161126 160934

Hoi thao khoa hoc RHM DH Tra VinhIMG 7259 DHTV



By Diem Thuy 

(TVU) – November 17th, the Vietnam – Japan Cultural Exchange was organized at Tra Vinh University, attracting more than 200 delegates and over 2000 students and special guests.



Ms. Phan Thi Thanh Binh, Chairwoman of Vietnam – Japan Friendship Association starts the opening ceremony

Mr. Nguyen Trung Hoang, Vice- Chairman of Tra Vinh Provincial People’s Committee said: “The 1st Vietnam – Japan Cultural Exchange is an expectation of Tra Vinh people toward a friendly cooperative relationship between Vietnam and Japan in Tra Vinh”


Mr. Takeuchi Saburo, Director of Takeuchi Company, Japan


“We love the people and the land of Tra Vinh where has great potential of tourism and economic development. This is a great opportunity for Tra Vinh people and Japanese companies to get mutual understanding”, said Mr. Takeuchi Saburo.

Mr. Kiminori Yoshizawa, Director of Southeast Asian Food Adpaseo said “I really like this cultural exchange. This is my third time in Tra Vinh and thanks to this event, I have learned more about Vietnamese costumes, foods, music and other traditional festivals. I think Vietnamese food is very special and tasty, especially “Bun nuoc leo”. Actually, I have a Vietnamese restaurant in Japan and I think I need to add “Bun nuoc leo” to our menu.”


"The Vietnam – Japan Cultural Exchange is really special and it helps us to widen our knowledge about the interesting cultures of the two countries”, said one of participators.


Aside from offering a wide range of special cultural activities, this program provided participators the labor demands of Japanese firms.







By: Bao Anh – ICO 

(TVU) – November 10, 2016, Ms. Julie Castillos, Vice- President of University of Eastern Philippines paid a visit to Tra Vinh University for the lecturer and intern exchange program between the two universities. Dr. Nguyen Tien Dung, TVU Vice Rector warmly welcomed the delegation.


The Vice President Julie Castillos said “University ofEastern Philippines looks forward to promoting the lecturer and intern exchange with Tra Vinh University  in agriculture, economics, laws and pedagogy”.


 Procedures, length of time and benefits of participating this program were discussed at the meeting. “Tra Vinh University is very pleased to welcome the interns and lecturers from University ofEastern Philippines and we are going to send our staff and students to your university as well”, said Dr. Nguyen Tien Dung.


The Vice Rector expressed his gratitude to Ms. Julie Castillos for the visit. He also suggested all schools of TVU inform about quantity of lecturers and students for joining this program for the next school-term.


The staff and student exchange program brings participators advanced learning and teaching methods, professional skills and English speaking skills. These benefits contribute to meet labor market needs in the integration trend.



 By Diem Thuy 


 (TVU) – November 3, 2016, the delegation of Apollos University, USA paid a visit to Tra Vinh University for seeking collaboration opportunities on online training. Dr. Nguyen Van Nguyen, President of Resource Development Institute, Tra Vinh University warmly welcomed the delegation.


  TS. Scott Eidson

Dr. Paul Eidson delivers his introduction about

Apollos University’s training programs

At the meeting, Dr. Paul Eidson, Chairman and CEO of Apollos University said “Apollos University offers a huge range of online programs to international students including Asia and Europe. Among the programs, the two programs which attract more students are MBA and DBA”. The Chairman looks forward to having students from Vietnam in general and those from Tra Vinh University in particular in near future.


Dr. Nguyen Van Nguyen expressed his gratitude to the delegation for the visit, the collaborative disscusion and expectation as well as introducing the training programs of Apollos University to Tra Vinh University.


In the trend of global integration, with the explosion of science and technology, online training is becoming popular. The President hopes TVU students will have opportunity to access to advanced education of USA through this collaborative opportunity.


By Diem Thuy 


 (TVU) – On Nov 3 2016, Mr. Koos Neefjes, an expert on climate change of International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) in Vietnam and Mr. Le Phuoc Dung, Deputy Director of AMD in Tra Vinh paid a visit to Tra Vinh University. Dr. Nguyen Tien Dung, TVU Vice Rector warmly welcomed the delegation.



At the meeting, Dr. Nguyen Tien Dung acknowledged efforts of Tra Vinh AMD Co-ordination Committee for running practical project activities. The Vice Rector was also proud of fruitful co-operation between this university and AMD in Tra Vinh for activities of climate change adaption.


The delegation had an overview about the implementation process and results of community projects on climate change presented by the representatives of School of Agriculture and Aquaculture, Center for Climate Change Adaptation Research and Community Development Support.


Mr. Koos Neefjes highly evaluated the great contribution of Tra Vinh University to AMD in Tra Vinh. The good co-operation between the two organizations promises many further co-operation opportunities for climate change adaption projects in near future.  

By Diem Thuy 


TVU, 25.10. 2016 – A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Memorial University, Canada and Tra Vinh University was officially signed. Mr. Glenn Blackwood, the Vice-president of Memorial University was the signatory of Memorial University while Associate Professor – Dr. Pham Tiet Khanh, the Rector of Tra Vinh University, signed on behalf of Tra Vinh University.

IMG 2875

This MoU is valid for a period of 5 years (2016 – 2021). Prior to this agreement, both sides have established a long-term, co-operative relationship since Tra Vinh University was a community college. In particular, the Canadian partner university (Memorial University) has annually offered 5 scholarships to TVU students. TVU has also hosted visiting scholars from Memorial University (Marine Institute) for academic activities.

Mr. Glenn Blackwood was glad to confirm the stable, co-operative relationship between the two organizations. Mr. Blackwood was also pleasantly surprised by the significant development of the university within the last 10 years in terms of facilities and training programs.

The mutual agreements between the two sides create a wide range of academic and professional development opportunities for lecturers and students of both TVU and the Memorial University (Marine Institute). More precisely, lecturers of TVU can take PhD program at the Memorial University funded by either Canadian Government or Vietnamese Government. Additionally, students of both institutes can take internships or exchange programs to gain international experiences.

Associate Professor – Dr. Pham Tiet Khanh expressed his firm belief in the further development of the co-operative relationship between Memorial University and Tra Vinh University. After signing the MoU, Mr. Blackwood also had a meeting with more than 200 TVU students. The students received 5 scholarships from the Vice-president of Memorial University with the total value up to CAD 1,000.

IMG 2839

IMG 2859

IMG 2826


By: Huynh, Ngoc Tai – TVU School of Foreign Languages


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