3 salutatorians got the same high grade in the entrance exam of Tra Vinh University


Striving to study and constantly pursuing dreams are common objectives of three female students who have just been given the title of salutatorian at Tra Vinh University in the university entrance exam in 2021.

Desiring to put on a blouse

Getting 27.0 points (8.2 points in Math, 9 points in Biology, 9.8 points in English) and becoming one of the salutatorians of Tra Vinh University in Medicine are the great achievements that Trinh Nguyen Nhu Nguyen, a student at Thu Khoa Nghia High School for the Gifted, Chau Doc city, An Giang province, has got in the graduation exam in 2021.

Sharing about her success, Nhu Nguyen happily said: “The achievement is thanks to the dedication of my teachers, the encouragement of my family and my friends as well as my own efforts. I always do my best in the exams, even in the mock exams, to learn more about what I need to improve. I often do the exercises by myself, fostering more experience to understand different tasks better.”

Nhu Nguyen said that every passion and dream needed to be nurtured. Ever since she was little, she has had a strong impression of the blouse. She always dreams of becoming a doctor and has never stopped studying. The scientific study method and reasonable study time helped her maintain her achievements.

Achieving good exam results has partly turned Nguyen’s dream of being a medical student at Tra Vinh University become true. Great effort is the key to get success.

Overcoming adversities

Becoming a salutatorian in Literature Education with a total score of 27.0, Tran Thi Cam Tu, a student at Duyen Hai High School, Duyen Hai Town, Tra Vinh Province, has become the pride of her poor mother, who has spent most of her time taking care of her children so that they can go to school.

Cam Tu is the eldest sister in a family of near-poor households. Cam Tu has always tried her best to achieve many goals set out in her study despite living in a large family and difficult economic conditions.

Cam Tu was classified as a good student for three years in high school. In 10th grade, she won the consolation prize in the Geography exam for excellent students at the provincial level. On the high school graduation exam in 2021, she almost got the maximum score in Biology.

Cam Tu shared that: “Since I was a child, I have been very fond of Literature. As an emotional and introverted person, Literature has always attracted me. I have always dreamed of becoming a professional writer, but my home conditions don’t allow me to follow that dream. Then I decided to study Literature Education. Tra Vinh University is an ideal destination with a friendly learning environment that could help me conquer my teacher dream.

At home, I often help my mother with gardening, looking after my younger brothers and sisters, and doing housework. When I go to university, my mother would have to work harder.” Thinking about that, Cam Tu determined to strive to study and find a part-time job so that she could earn money to cover her daily life and partly help her mother.

Desiring to become a teacher

Like Cam Tu and Nhu Nguyen, reaching 27.0 points at the graduation exam is a great happiness for Tran Thanh Ngan, a student at Nguyen Thien Thanh High School for the Gifted, Tra Vinh City, Tra Vinh Province. From now on, Thanh Ngan’s dream of becoming a student of Literature Education at Tra Vinh University was fulfilled.

Thanh Ngan has seriously studied since entering high school to achieve this success. In 11th grade, she won the consolation prize in the provincial exam for excellent students in the academic year of 2019-2020. Her teachers also evaluated that she is good at all the subjects.

Thanh Ngan humbly shared: “Thanks to my teachers, I realized that I was gifted with Literature. Since then, I have studied seriously, spending more time to search for many different resources and boldly participated in the exams for good students to have the opportunity to access deeper knowledge.”

Besides studying well, Thanh Ngan is also passionate about sports. She won a series of Gold medals at the Karatedo Championship of Tra Vinh Province in 2020, a Gold Medal for the Female Team Karatedo in the National Phu Dong Sports Festival of Tra Vinh province in 2021, a Bronze Medal for the Karatedo Championship of Tra Vinh Province in 2019, a consolation prize in marathon competition of Tra Vinh province in 2021.

In addition, she also got many school-level awards such as the first prize in the female’s volleyball competition in 2020, the second prize in female’s football in 2019, the title of “Vua pha luoi” (The top goalscorer) in the female football tournament to celebrate the traditional student day in 2019, the 3rd prize in the writing contest about teachers’ example in 2021. Thanh Ngan was also awarded the title “Hoc sinh 3 tot” (Student with 3 good criteria, including good morals, good study, good physical strength) at the school level for three years.

“In the near future, I will strive to complete my study program in Literature Education at Tra Vinh University.”, Thanh Ngan happily confided.

My Nhien