47 ideas competing in the final round of the “2023’s Student Startup Ideas in the Mekong Delta Region” competition


(TVU) – On November 14th, Tra Vinh University in collaboration with the Student Startup Support Network in the Mekong Delta region organizes the final round of the “2023’s Student Startup Ideas in the Mekong Delta Region” – season 2 (INNOBE 2023).

INNOBE 2023 is a highly regarded competition that holds significant importance and great significance in shaping the direction of education, training, and promoting the national startup ecosystem. The event gathers exceptional, innovative, and creative ideas that have successfully advanced through the preliminary rounds for competition.

The final round will feature an exciting competition among 47 outstanding projects in the categories of college, university students, and high school students. Among them, there are 30 ideas from the college, university student category, including: MAT care, Cereal meals, Banana stem juice, Building an intelligent virtual assistant for organizations and businesses, Liliti handmade – custom crochet decorations, animals, and modern handicraft products, Developing the Scoby value chain, Grocery 4.0, Commercializing a trap for golden flies using solar energy, Singaporean-style frog porridge at Phan Dinh Phung Street, Thang Thang massage oil, Commercial production of marketable farm-raised civets using agricultural by-products, Creative animal world themed with recycled materials, Kalanchoe gel mask for acne treatment and skin whitening, Building a tourism model in Ba Thac salt field, Dong Hai district, Bac Lieu province, Flogurt – Freeze-dried plant-based yogurt made from jackfruit and soybeans, Smart Fan, Handmade wool flowers, Health-oriented convenience store – MNT, Smart Life, Classifieds system for promoting rental and hotel services, Production of nano-biological preservatives for agricultural products, Mother and Baby Spa, Production and distribution of algae for aquaculture, Dual-mode water tap to limit water usage due to user subjectivity, S2M – Leather from mango peel, A new model of breathable bricks, Breathing life into stones, Conservation and exploitation of medicinal values of bitter melon in connection with the economic development of ethnic minority communities through Handmade Mocha soap products, Multi-functional egg incubator, Parasitic nursery on banana trees.

The high school student category consists of 17 ideas, including: Native conical hat (Non la) souvenir, Anti-harassment and overcrowding warning device for restrooms, Pond apple tea, Hand-drawn videos (Video animation), Production of organic food from fermented durian peel combined with local ingredients and organic ducks, Dream Handmade, Production of eco-friendly bricks from coal slag, lime, and plastic waste from schools, Affordable smart home solutions, FEW face masks and cheese Kombucha tea, Low smoke, low toxic incense to repel insects, Organic fertilizer from agricultural and aquaculture waste, Household products made from nylon bags, Lawn-cutting and garbage collection robot, Jenny Robot, Garden care robot, Aquaculture and mixed-cropping project, Improving the quality and ensuring antibiotic-free clean food from Moringa oleifera leaves.

As part of the final round, delegates will present their arguments and engage in discussions on 7 topics: The role of universities in promoting entrepreneurship: Evidence from Tra Vinh University, The role of intellectual property in entrepreneurial activities and innovation at universities and colleges, Simulated operation of entrepreneurial enterprises on digital platforms, The importance of international education in the era of integration, STEM education supporting career orientation, entrepreneurship, and innovation, Student Cooperative models and the establishment of Student Cooperative Alliances in universities and colleges; The role of mentoring activities in promoting and supporting career development, employment, and entrepreneurship.

In addition, Student Startup Support Network in the Mekong Delta region launched Creative Student Village in the Mekong Delta region (HUB). It will enroll new members and launch the project “Journey to Foster Creative Thinking for 10,000 Students in the Mekong Delta region.”

By Ngoc Tram