8th meeting of TVU Council


TVU – The eighth meeting of the Tra Vinh University Council is chaired on October 7 by Assoc.Prof.Dr. Pham Tiet Khanh, the Council’s Chairman. Mr. Le Thanh Binh, Member of the Tra Vinh Provincial Party Committee and Vice Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee, as well as leaders of the Advisory Council, members of the University Council, and representatives of units of the university, are present at the meeting.

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Pham Tiet Khanh notes in his opening remarks that there have been several significant occurrences in the third quarter, e.g., the third Vietnamese-Japanese Cultural Exchange Program of Tra Vinh Province has been successfully organized by Tra Vinh University by the task assigned by the Provincial People’s Committee. Additionally, this is the time for evaluating the 10 years of implementation of the 11th-tenure Party Central Committee’s Resolution No. 29-NQ/TW, dated November 4, 2013, on fundamental and comprehensive innovation in education and training, serving industrialization and modernization in a socialist-oriented market economy and international integration.

Besides, the Ministry of Health has designated Tra Vinh University to train First Degree specialists in Clinical Pharmacology, Clinical Pharmacy, Nursing, Biomedical Laboratory Technology, Cosmetic Surgery, and Medical Imaging, as well as Second Degree specialists in Healthcare Administration. The Provincial People’s Committee has also acknowledged the TVU Hospital as a level 2 hospital. These are the ideal conditions for Tra Vinh University to further its growth objectives in the future.

At the meeting, a report on the outcomes of implementing the resolution of the 7th meeting of the TVU Council is approved by the committees of the Council. The TVU Board of Directors also approves reports on the organization and operation of the TVU Career Center; the adjustments and supplements to the purchase and capital construction investment plan for 2023 and the 2023-2025 period; the organization and operation of Victory Informatics – Foreign Language Center; and the amendments and supplements of the Regulations on the organization and operation of Tra Vinh University, according to Resolution No. 07/NQ-HDT dated May 20, 2022, and Resolution No. 27/NQ-HDT dated October 14, 2022 of the Tra Vinh University Council.

TVU’s Director Board provides updates to the University Council on the implementation of the autonomy project on the structure and personnel of Tra Vinh University, the advanced university project, the report for the 2022–2023 academic year, and the plan for 2023–2024. The University Council approves the monitoring plan for the execution of the 2023 University Council Resolutions and suggests the monitoring plan for 2024 as well.

Members of the University Council spend the majority of the discussion section expressing their thoughts on the purchase and capital construction investment plan for 2023 and the 2023–2025 period, as well as adding and changing a few articles of the regulations on the organization and operation of Tra Vinh University. Members of the University Council and delegates agree on several topics in the proposal of the Board of Directors based on the Advisory Council’s remarks. Departments and units continue to investigate, examine, supplement, and complete procedures and documents by the regulations.

After the meeting, the chairman of the University Council, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Pham Tiet Khanh expresses his appreciation for the meeting results and the participants’ contributions. He requests the TVU Board and committees to finish the plans decided upon at the meeting and present them to the University Council for further review and approval. Regarding the academic year plan, the Board of Directors and units are required to come up with specific solutions to achieve Tra Vinh University’s growth objectives according to the resolutions.

By Lan Anh