A 20-Year Journey of Bringing Quality Learning Opportunities to Community


Established in June 2006, with ongoing efforts and solidarity in overcoming difficulties, Tra Vinh University, for a little while, has promoted its potential advantages to develop strongly in terms of training quality and prestige inside and outside of the country. It has also made many significant contributions to human resource training, and created a driving force to accelerate industrialization and modernization of the province, the Mekong Delta, and the country.

Tra Vinh University – a green university towards a smart university

A right political will

Mr. Tran Hoan Kim, Former Chairman of Tra Vinh Provincial People’s Committee, Head of Steering Committee of Vietnam Canada Community College Project, current Chairman of the Advisory Council of Tra Vinh University, a dedicated person who had a close bond to Tra Vinh University through its developing journey of 15 years under Tra Vinh University and 20 years under Community College model (2001 – 2006 – 2021), recalled: “As a public school, Tra Vinh University was formed and developed from Tra Vinh Community College. After five years of successful implementation of the Vietnam – Canada Community College Project (2001-2006), which co-funded by the Canadian Government and Vietnamese Government, along with the urgent need for provincial education and training development as well as the need for human resources in implementing the economic, cultural and social development strategies in the Mekong Delta region and the whole country, Tra Vinh University was officially established under Decision No.141 dated June 19, 2006, of the Prime Minister and became one of the public universities in the Vietnamese higher education system.

Tra Vinh Community College, which was established on August 3, 2001, was the former of Tra Vinh University. At the beginning of the establishment, there were only more than 30 staff and teachers, eight training professions at college and intermediate levels, and more than 100 students. There was no main road through the college. Thus teachers and students had to take a small boat to cross the river and wade to the school. Around the school campus, there was initially only about one hectare; it was then expanded to 25 hectares of fields and reed swamps. There were only 2-3 blocks of old school buildings without a living place. The college even had to make use of a few small classrooms like a workplace. Teaching and learning were in a difficult situation. Due to the urgent need for human resources to carry out the local economic, cultural and social development strategies, the leaders of Tra Vinh province decided to focus on investing in education. Creating unique quality human resources in vocational training and higher education to serve as the foundation for the province’s economic, cultural and social development was a top priority.

Realizing the political will of the Party, the People’s Committee, and the people of Tra Vinh province, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pham Tiet Khanh was the person who directly steered a course of development for Tra Vinh Community College. With the practical requirement of a quality human resource training facility to meet the local needs at that time, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pham Tiet Khanh and the university staff were determined to join hands in building Tra Vinh Community College with the motto: “Bringing quality learning opportunities to the community” for the children of Tra Vinh and provinces nearby. The university has been concentrated resources by the Provincial People’s Committee, speeding up the procedures for land allocation, the construction progress of traffic infrastructure, roads, and bridges to the university, and the construction of facilities. At the same time, the university also made the most of funding resources from the Government of Canada, represented by the International Development Organization – CIDA, directly supported by the Association of Canadian Community Colleges, currently known as the Colleges and Institutes Canada (CICan).

Tough condition at the beginning time of Tra Vinh University

Tra Vinh Community College in 2005 – Former of Tra Vinh University

Dr. Nguyen Tien Dung, Former vice Rector of Tra Vinh University, who had a close bond and contributed to the development of the university since the early days, recalled: “On the early days, recruiting and training staff and teachers to build a framework for functional units, as well as the units of international cooperation, teaching, scientific research, training quality assurance, student employment, etc., were challenging. University leaders had to contact other universities, widely announced for teacher recruitment. The university had to invite Canadian experts to come to Vietnam and help the university’s staff to improve their capacities on strategic development, effective administration, training program development, teacher training, labor market survey, student management and job placement, and student services, etc. At the same time, the university also encouraged staff, teachers, and students to improve their English language capacity and actively expanded international relations and participated in scholarships to study in the country and study abroad to improve professional capacity, qualifications and capacity for international education integration.”

After five years from 2001 to 2006, the successful implementation of the Vietnam and Canada Community College Project created an essential foundation for the development of Tra Vinh University by applying new teaching methods, which had learners as the center and served for the community, with an emphasis on hands-on practice; development of advanced teaching skills; scientific research; methods of curriculum development with strong participation from the businesses, following students since they started school time until they got a job; surveying and assessing the labor market towards factors of gender, ethnicity, and those are in the lower position in society; management capacity; and international cooperation, etc.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pham Tiet Khanh and Her Excellency Ms. Deborah Paul, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Canada to Vietnam, planted a memorial tree at Tra Vinh University – 2019

Along with his prestige and vision, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pham Tiet Khanh called for business links and international relations, encouraged the spirit of dedication, and created conditions for individuals to be creative in their work, together with helping Tra Vinh University develop continuously. In particular, the success of the Vietnam – Canada Community College model (2001-2006) funded by the Canadian Government made it become a typical model for the system of Community Colleges all over the country as well as for the formation of the Vietnam Association of Community Colleges (VACC). In which, TVU played the role of a founding member, and Rector Pham Tiet Khanh is the President of the Association over the years. Tra Vinh University is also one of the universities in the country with many training programs accredited by international education quality accreditation standards. Determining to go up with his efforts building reputation from training quality, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pham Tiet Khanh has brought Tra Vinh University to the community’s trust and love.

A strong breakthrough towards a green and smart university

Modern learning resource center – open 24/7

A green, clean and safe student dormitory

After many years of perseverance in recruiting and training young staff at home and abroad and implementing the policies of study and talent promotion, proactively international cooperation, and project promotion, the university’s teaching staff has been increased gradually in both quantity and quality. Up to now, the university has more than 1,200 lecturers and staff. Many young lecturers are studying to get doctorate and master’s degrees in various countries. More than 20,000 students from 45 provinces and cities across the country and Cambodian students are learning and researching at the university.

Practical class at Tra Vinh University

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pham Tiet Khanh, Rector of Tra Vinh University, said: “TVU is one of the country’s pioneers to sign the Talloires Declaration (2013) committing to build a comprehensive green university. TVU is ranked in the top 100 universities with positive influence and contributions to society by WURI Ranking – a ranking system of world universities with real impact. For many years in a row, TVU has been in the top 200 sustainable and friendly green universities according to UI GreenMetric rankings. The university has soon applied an effective quality management system, meeting ISO 9001-2000 standards; now, it has undergone ISO 9001-2008, ISO 9001-2015 versions. Many university programs passed the international education quality accreditation of FIBAA and AUN-QA. The university has been expanding AUN international education accreditation for health sciences and agriculture and ABET accreditation for engineering and technology industries.

Student corner at TVU

Exercising for good health

To create a favorable environment for the socialization of learning, research, employment, and technology transfer, serving the community, TVU has bravely launched new educational and learning methods, expanded learning opportunities for people, diversified training disciplines closely linking with businesses, and international integration; improved the values ​​of the training process into self-training in each student and lecturer. At the same time, continue to develop perfectly the friendly green university model, step by step towards a smart university with an open and liberal education ecosystem, affirming the university’s role in the social and economic development of the province, the Mekong Delta, and the whole country.” Education well serves the community’s life.

TVU students with the active lifestyle

TVU students with the active lifestyle

Tra Vinh University (TVU) focuses on promoting scientific research, technology transfer, community service, and student startup activities. The university has also made efforts to connect with more than 900 businesses to conduct the programs of potential internship and training cooperation and expand the co-op training model, which means linking training between schools and businesses, helping students to cultivate practical work experience at the companies and develop their learning beyond the classroom, at the same time helping businesses to reduce training costs and time after recruitment.

TVU has also cooperated with more than 90 international partners, institutes, and schools in fields of training cooperation; volunteer, student and teacher exchange; implementing funded projects, especially on applied researches; promoting several projects related to short-term and long-term scholarship funding for lecturers and students; developing Lab – invention space for students, lecturers, international training cooperation, etc. Currently, TVU is a member of the CDIO – an organization that promotes an educational framework to improve the training quality of technical universities worldwide. In addition, TVU is also the 151st member of the Association of Canadian Community Colleges (ACCC), which is currently known as the Colleges and Institutes Canada (CICan).

Tra Vinh University Hospital taking good care of the community’s health

TVU focuses on the experience activities of students for the community, “Incubating student startup ideas”; strongly develops “Invention space among students and teachers.”, “Student cooperatives.”, “Farmer’s Union who are university’s students” and many extracurricular activities under the model of “student clubs”. The university also expands startup funds, scientific research funds from alumni, businesses, and partners to help students and lecturers boldly develop their research ideas creating application products for the community, such as successfully farming disease-free broodstock shrimps, culturing makapuno coconut embryos and cordyceps sinensis, producing drought-tolerant rice varieties, manufacturing automatic thermometers, electric motorcycles, 3D printers; besides, successfully compiling and publishing Vietnamese – Khmer, Khmer – Vietnamese dictionaries with 84,000 words, carrying out many national and ministerial-level research projects. Especially, TVU implements various good policies for students, including tuition fee exemption and reduction for students, awarding scholarships to encourage female students who are studying in fields of engineering and technology, applied chemistry and supporting students with initial startup loans.

3D printer – an invention of TVU students

Students donate blood for the community

High school students experience student life at Tra Vinh University

Developing from a sustainable green university to a smart university is a long journey. TVU has many advantages of a young university with its great determination. However, approaching many values ​​​​of a smart university needs tireless efforts of the whole staff and students and all support and attention of the branches, levels, and the companionship of businesses so that the way to a smart university will be greatly shortened. At that time, Tra Vinh University will be qualified to provide students with the best environment and experiences in their learning and researching with an interactive platform between learners and teachers as well as with vivid and intuitive learning resources, contributing to improving the quality of training, aiming at the goal: “Bringing Quality Learning Opportunities to Community” and jointly creating a chain of core values ​​”Devotion – Transparency – Creativity Friendliness” for the community.

TVU is shimmery at night

The Lab School with quality standard meets the community’s learning needs 

Faculty of Southern Khmer Language, Culture and Arts with the task of training human resources to develop ethnic communities


High school teachers visit Tra Vinh University

TVU is a public university expanding training from undergraduate to graduate levels with continuously improved training quality in 55 undergraduate and 36 graduate majors (26 in master’s degree and 10 in doctorate) along with various training programs in 13 faculties including Agriculture – Fisheries; Technology – Engineering; Health Science; Foreign Language; Southern Khmer Language – Culture – Arts; Economics – Law, Applied Chemistry; Pedagogy; Public management – Office administration; Tourism – Restaurants and hotels; Political theory; Basic science; Odonto – Stomatology, dentistry; Pre-University. The university also has modern facilities for public health services, such as Tra Vinh University hospital, general clinic, and Odonto, Stomatology clinic. The Faculty of Southern Khmer Language, Culture and Arts is the one carrying out national key tasks which is training human resources for the development of ethnic communities through many good policies towards learners. At the same time, the university has successfully developed Tra Vinh Pedagogical Practice School training at four levels, including preschool, elementary school, secondary school, and high school, meeting the community’s learning needs. TVU was honored to receive the Second Class Labor Medal and was the first provincial university assigned by the Prime Minister to pilot innovation in operating mechanism to develop into a university with Professional Oriented Higher Education according to domestic and international standards.

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