A Meeting in Response to World Day against Drugs and National Day against Drug – June 26th


On June 26th, 2011 at Tra Vinh University (TVU) a meeting in response to World Day against drugs and National Day against drug in year 2011. There were leaders of Youth Union and that of TVU in the meeting such as Mr. Mai Thanh Hung – Deputy Head of Board of Propaganda, Mr. Thai Phuoc Loc – Deputy Secretary of Tra Vinh Youth Union, Mr.Võ Hoàng Khai, Vice Rector of TVU, Youth Union Committee of TVU, and approximately 700 local young unionists.

Speaking at the meeting, Mr.Thai Phuoc Loc noticed harmful effects of drugs on community and society and the affairs of preventing and resisting drugs by local youth unions in the past years. In addition, he called for the unionists, the youth and others to strongly response to National Day against drugs. According to Mr. Thai Phuoc Loc, the awareness of prevention and resistance to drugs in community, society, the country, and especially individual families has been increasingly interested. Propaganda activities of departments at all levels have contributed significantly in pushing back the evils of drugs in localities in the province. On this occasion, Comrade Deputy Secretary of Youth Union suggested Youth units would strengthen the response to National Day against Drugs through profound propagandas to the unionist and youth so that those was to propagandists contributing to rolling back drugs problems – causes of century disease HIV/AIDS.

On behalf of youth unionists, Ho Mai Xuan, a TVU student made a determination to do drug prevention and resistance in schools and society, encourage the youth and unionists along with their families propagating the harmful effects of drugs, and actively detect and accuse acts of trading, transporting and illegal storing drug substances.

Also at the meeting, Youth Union of Faculties in TVU has signed a pledge to fulfill the campaign – “no use, no store, and no sale” and drug prevention and resistance to call youth unionists for responding to National Day against drugs.

News & photos: Thanh Son