A talk on polishing professional image to improve employability


(TVU) – “Two top factors of a successful job interview are an impressive resume and a good professional image to recruiters”, shared Mr Vu Xuan Vinh, the Deputy Director of Viet Victory during the talk organised by the School of Economics and Laws on May 24th, 2018.

More than 600 students participated in the event taking the opportunity to learn from the experienced speaker on how to successfully survive a job interview.

According to the Deputy Director, recruiters’ initial attention is paid to the resume or curriculum vitae (CV) which must cover important components e.g., professional orientation, education history, list of accomplishments, personal and professional skills, strengths, and reliable and checkable referees.

 “How to make an application stand out from a thousand and impress recruiters?”, asked Nguyen Hong Quan from Business Administration 2015 class.

Adding to the question, Nguyen Thi Ngoc Han from Laws 2015 class also wanted to know strategies to prepare a relevant job application.

In responding to those questions, the presentative of Viet Victory noted that templates which are easily found from photocopy service providers or downloaded from the Internet are no longer of recruiters’ taste and interest. Pre-employment creativity is now vital to them. For this reason, it’s crucial that students can prepare and design an impressive and professional application in accordance with commonly accepted standards.

Simulated job interviews held by the speaker during the event suggested that students need to be more active to be successful in real recruiting situations.

By Van De