A unique home-made electric motorcycle from a student of Tra Vinh University


(TVU) – The perfect, meticulous, and extremely impressive electric motorcycle based on the BMW HP Kunst Hydrogen Concept model is designed entirely by the “hand” of a student of Mechanical Engineering at Tra Vinh University.

Pham Lam Vu, who graduated in Mechanical Engineering in 2019, has spent more than 8 months designing an electric motorcycle to satisfy his passion.

Vu said that the motorcycle was based on the drawing design of the BMW HP Kunst Hydrogen Concept – an idea presented nearly a decade ago by students at ISD Rubika, a famous design institution in French

Determine on realizing the concept 

With the passion for designing and his knowledge learned about mechanical engineering, in the process of conceptualizing, Vu was so impressed when he saw this model on the internet. He determined to implement the “project” as well as accepted to spend a lot of time and expense to make the motorcycle. According to Vu, passion, together with determination and planning the right method will bring back success.

Vu has spent his time and money supporting from his family as well as his savings to buy components and accessories and assembled the motorcycle by himself. He said that the motorcycle was completed with a total cost of nearly 3,000 USD, equivalent to more than 60 million VND.

The motorcycle’s parts are made of “unbelievable” materials

First, Vu used Autodesk Inventor software to draw the details of the motorcycle’s external parts. He simulated the motorcycle in 3D, then converted it to 2D and printed it out on paper in real size. Next, he cut the steel himself and welded them together into a solid block.

Many components were assembled from other models and the most impressive thing is that the motorcycle’s external parts were made of PVC pipes (plastic used to make water pipes). 

The color screen of the motorcycle was bought from a normal electric motorcycle which is 6 inches in size and is not touch-sensitive. After that, Vu refurbished and added details such as voltage and number of motor amperes consumed.

The motorcycle can run over 80km for a single-charge

The motorcycle operates on an electric motor (2000 watts), the maximum speed can reach up to 85 km/h. Also, the lithium-ion battery pack equipped can help the motorcycle run 80km on a full charge.

The motorcycle is designed to satisfy passion

“The purpose of creating the motorcycle is only to satisfy my passion for designing and to affirm my design ability in making a product based on ideas without consideration on the investment or profits.”, Vu shared.

However, for the next versions, he will consider meeting the technical standards and criteria, put into testing as well as optimize the profitability to be able to produce a real product that meets the user community’s demand.

According to Vu, this is the first product, there may be many improvements. Hopefully, there will be more comments from friends and professional engineers from this motorcycle company, so that he will make the following versions more perfectly.

An aspiration to participate in startup projects

With his passion and design ability, Vu wants to participate in the field of design and contribute a part of his creativity to this field. It is possible to set up a startup team to share ideas and develop projects contributing to bringing a new look in the field of mechanics in general and the new style electric motorcycles which are suitable for consumers in the future.

Vu said he planned to bring this model to Group DIY with the hope that he can receive suggestions on product improvement, as well as invitations for cooperation from electric vehicle manufacturers.

Master Dang Hoang Vu, lecturer of the Faculty of Engineering and Technology in Tra Vinh university added that Pham Lam Vu is very passionate about creativity and is also one of the students participating and winning a prize in the 2018 National Mechanical Olympic contest. Vu used to make an automatic bead piercing machine, which could create 1 meter of wire (100 beads) in 5 minutes and can be adjusted to suit each particle size. His graduation topic was highly appreciated by the Thesis Assessment Committee and selected to participate in the 5th Science Creation Competition of Tra Vinh province (2018-2019).

Tra Vinh university – an environment that helps students to create science and technology

Over the past time, many innovative products of Tra Vinh university students have been interested, ordered, and applied into practice in production by enterprises inside and outside the province including a 3-axis CNC milling machine, automatic dryer, concrete pouring machine, automatic lifting bridge, automatic belt breaker, and many other products with high practical application.

Assoc. Nguyen Thai Son, Head of the Faculty of Engineering Technology, said that the Faculty’s students always aspire to be creative in learning. The Faculty regularly organizes many creative activities and contests for students to participate and connect with businesses.

Encourage Tra Vinh university students to interact with international students to learn and create many products with high applicability and connection with the community.

Equipment and factory are always invested and updated by the university to create the best environment for students to satisfy their passion. Also, the factory which is specially built for students will be put into use in September 2020. This is an important project sponsored by foreign scientists, aiming to connect ideas of Tra Vinh university students and international students, creating a variety of scientific and technological products towards serving the community.

My Nhien