A unique startup idea with English coffee shop


English Innovative Coffee Shop (EIC Shop) is a unique startup idea of a group of students from Tra Vinh University, which is a combination of English training and coffee business aiming to bring to the community a useful model for improving English ability.

English Innovative Coffee Shop is formed by a group of Tra Vinh University students including Duong Thi My Quyen, Nguyen Duong Khanh, Huynh Ngoc Linh, who are students of English Language in 2017, and Tran Quoc Huy, a student of Information Technology in 2018.

My Quyen, the group’s leader, shared that: “This coffee shop model is a combination of English training and coffee business. It is a place for customers to practice English communication skills. The EIC Shop model will operate with the motto “Devotion – Quality – Profession.”

Combining the model of coffee shop and teaching English with a flexible schedule, Nguyen Duong Khanh, a member of the project group, affirmed that: ‘English Innovative Coffee Shop promises to bring customers who like to communicate in foreign languages ​​a new experience and a chance to improve English communication skills.’

Being a practical environment in English learning, EIC Shop is also a place to create part-time job opportunities for students. Besides doing business, it also aims to volunteer activities, spreading the message “Start a new life with English” to help students who are in difficult conditions so that they can have opportunities to learn English completely for free.’. Huynh Ngoc Linh, a member of ECI Shop, shared.

The members of ECI Shop also apply technology to their business, such as using apps to order, accumulate points, announce promotions… Moreover, customers can rate drinks or make suggestions directly on the apps.

The establishment of the EIC Shop in Tra Vinh will create a new business model compared to other coffee business models in Tra Vinh. This startup idea will also create a wonderful place for students who have the same interests to get together to speak and practice English.

My Nhien