An exciting student football tournament expanded for the TVU Cup 2022


(TVU) – On May 8, an extended student football tournament for the TVU Cup 2022, organized by Tra Vinh University, was officially opened to practically celebrating the 47th anniversary of the Day of Southern Liberation for National Reunification and 136 years of International Labor Day.

The football tournament started on May 8 and will be ended on June 5, 2022. The activity attracted 15 participating teams from many schools in different provinces, including Binh Minh High School, Vo Van Kiet High School, Tam Binh High School in Vinh Long Province; Le Quy Don High School and Che Ge-Va Ra High School in Ben Tre Province; and many schools and units of Tra Vinh University in Tra Vinh province such as School of Pedagogical Practice, School of Odonto- Stomatology, School of Economics and Law, School of Agriculture and Fisheries, School of Medicine and Pharmacy, School of Education, School of Public Management and Office Administration, School of Engineering and Technology, School of Foreign Languages, and School of Southern Khmer Language, Culture and Arts. The tournament also attracted more than 800 spectators from the high schools and Tra Vinh University.

At the opening ceremony, Mr. Nguyen Van Vu An, Secretary of the Youth Union of Tra Vinh University, Head of the Organizing Committee, said: “The extended student football tournament is a practical activity to improve solidarity and promote the movement of doing exercise and sports among students. In addition, the activity also helps high school students to experience the practical and interesting activities at Tra Vinh University. The football tournament is part of a series of exchange and bonding activities between high school students and TVU students.”

“The organizers believe that the tournament will bring a joyful and exciting atmosphere, creating a close relationship between Tra Vinh University and the high schools in the region,” Mr. Nguyen Van Vu An added.

Competing on opening day, students from the high schools and Tra Vinh University promise to bring interesting matches.

Huynh Dang Khoa, a student of Business Administration, shared: “This is the first match of the opening ceremony, but it is dramatic and attractive. My friends and I will all try our best in the match.”

By My Nhien