Announcing the research results of disease-resistant black tiger broodstock shrimp production


On December 14, Tra Vinh University holds a scientific seminar to report the results of research projects on the production of disease-resistant broodstock shrimps and studies related to black tiger shrimps. The workshop attracts more than 110 researchers, scientists, managers, shrimp farmers, TVU lecturers, and students.

TVU Vice-Rector – Ms. Thach Thi Dan said Tra Vinh University had succeeded in the research project on disease-resistant broodstock shrimps been assigned to implementation by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

Within the framework, TVU continues to promote research, publish results, and transfer to the community. TVU also provides products on black tiger shrimps for the Mekong Delta region and the country.

At the seminar, delegates focuses on discussing the research on creating disease-resistant broodstock shrimps from the post-stage to the breeding stage, breeding domesticated shrimps, breeding and selecting black tiger shrimp breeds, raising giant tiger prawns by biofloc technology, current situations, and solutions for shrimp farming in the Mekong River Delta and Tra Vinh province.

In the Mekong Delta, breeding black tiger shrimp is currently researching by many scientists to provide clean quality shrimp breeds to promote scientific farming processes, systems to bring high economic values. In which, Tra Vinh University also makes great efforts to research and produce clean shrimp varieties.

At the experimental farm of Tra Vinh University, there have been 390 broodstock shrimps which have been producing successfully, exceeding the delivery target of 90 shrimps. The average female shrimp weight is 145.72 grams/shrimp, exceeding the target 25 grams/shrimp; the average male shrimp weight is 96.90g / shrimp, exceeding the target of nearly 17g/ shrimp, etc.

Deputy Head of School of Agriculture and Fishereries at Tra Vinh University, Ph. D Huynh Kim Huong said that Broodstock shrimp origin in phase 1 used shrimps through selecting breeds of Moana company, phase 2 broodstock shrimps originated from the Institute of Agriculture and Fisheries 2 and certified for disease-free by the authorities, based on these post larvae. TVU grew into broodstock shrimps according to a clean process, quality assurance and quarantine in each stage by Veterinary of Area 6.

The seminar is a bridge to expand cooperation in the field of biotechnology and environmental science. Moreover, it facilitates lecturers and students to share and learn experiences with scientists in research and raise healthy and disease-free black tiger broodstock shrimp source.

Ngoc Thu