Apollos University, USA seeks collaboration opportunities with Tra Vinh University


University for seeking collaboration opportunities on online training. Dr. Nguyen Van Nguyen, President of Resource Development Institute, Tra Vinh University warmly welcomed the delegation.

Dr. Paul Eidson delivers his introduction about

Apollos University’s training programs

At the meeting, Dr. Paul Eidson, Chairman and CEO of Apollos University said “Apollos University offers a huge range of online programs to international students including Asia and Europe. Among the programs, the two programs which attract more students are MBA and DBA”. The Chairman looks forward to having students from Vietnam in general and those from Tra Vinh University in particular in near future.

Dr. Nguyen Van Nguyen expressed his gratitude to the delegation for the visit, the collaborative disscusion and expectation as well as introducing the training programs of Apollos University to Tra Vinh University.

In the trend of global integration, with the explosion of science and technology, online training is becoming popular. The President hopes TVU students will have opportunity to access to advanced education of USA through this collaborative opportunity.

By Diem Thuy