Awarding 7 typical ideas in the Student startup idea contest


On December 9th, 2021, the Steering Committee for implementing the Startup Support Project of Tra Vinh holds the final round of the 2021 contest of “Startup Ideas of Tra Vinh University Students”.

Taking place from May, 2021, there has been the participation of 80 projects created by over 250 students as individual and group authors. After the preliminary and semi-final rounds, 7 typical ideas have been chosen for the final round.

In the final round, individual and group authors have presented their ideas to the Council of Examiners. After the presentation, each idea has been given valuable comments as well as suggestions for the projects’ improvement. In addition, such potential authors have had to answer the Council’s questions related to their ideas. As a result, there are 7 excellent ideas awarded by the Organization Committee.

The first prize is given for the idea of “The application of connection between suppliers and users of construction-related services” authored by a group of students including Nhut Khoa, Tieu Mi, Thanh Vu, and Minh Nam.

The second prize is awarded for the idea of “The production of sauces from fermented rice – a national specialty” by the authors of Minh Thien, Thao Hien, and Hong Nhu.

The third prize is for the idea of ​​”Social media” by a group of authors including Hoang Khang, Nhat Minh, Thu Huong, and Gia Bao.

There are four encouragement prizes for the ideas of “The production of seed eel from powdered eel”, “The production of guava wine”, “The production and distribution of dry food”, and “The production of snacks from long calathea allovia”.  

Thu Nguyet