Champion of The Voice TVU 2022: The admirable voice and academic achievements


(TVU) – The powerful voice and academic achievements draw the portrait of The Voice TVU 2022 champion Tran Kien Thuc, a student of the School of Odonto-Stomatology, class 2020, Tra Vinh University.

On the final night of The Voice TVU 2022, Kien Thuc performed the song “Con mo bang gia”, showing off his powerful voice. With a good-looking face, a height of 180cm, and excellent academic achievements, Kien Thuc is the inspiration for his classmates in learning and arts.

Born and raised in the countryside of Chau Thanh, Tra Vinh, Kien Thuc’s family has nothing to do with art and music. However, with a great passion, he has participated in many different fields and competitions.

Kien Thuc shared: “I have loved singing since I was a child. I repeatedly listened to my favorite songs, then sang along. As I get older, I started to refine my voice.”

“The first difficulty is that the quality of the contestants is really high, some rivals even have had experience on the stage before. It made me really nervous, especially in the confrontation round. Fortunately, I received a lot of encouragement from my family and the coaches and tried my best to perform.” – He confided.

The 2022 TVU vocal competition helps Kien Thuc gain more experience, strengthen his bravery, and develop musical thinking to contribute to TVU’s cultural and artistic activities.

Kien Thuc also shared: “I’m really happy, I was speechless, almost crying when remembering the difficulties I went through. I’d like to thank my family, teachers, and friends who have always supported and encouraged me to complete the performance.”

In addition to a beautiful voice, Kien Thuc has a remarkable academic record with good results and many volunteering activities for the community.

In the coming time, Kien Thuc will attempt to participate in cultural activities at the university, focus on studying to achieve good results, and gain more experience to prepare for a future career. 

By Thy Truong