Conference on Improving the effectiveness of clinical teaching


(TVU) – On October 9th, Tra Vinh University held a conference on ensuring the quality of clinical teaching and learning for the health sector with the participation of university lecturers, representatives of the leaders of the Health Department, medical facilities, and doctors inside and outside Tra Vinh province.

The conference discussed the current situation and solutions for improving the quality of clinical teaching and learning in general, and at Tra Vinh University in particular, thereby offering some specific solutions and synchronous coordination of hospitals, medical facilities with Tra Vinh University in the clinical teaching process.  

MSc. Huynh Thi Hong Nhung, Deputy Head of Medicine and Pharmacy Faculty, said that: “Over the past years, Tra Vinh University is a place to contribute to providing human resources in the field of health care, protection, and improvement for people inside and outside the province.

Intending to improve education quality, especially for the healthcare industry, the university always actively and positively strengthens the staff and builds facilities and equipment, creating the best environment for clinical teaching.”

Besides, at the conference, MSc. Huynh Thi Hong Nhung also presented the advantages, disadvantages, and recommendations in the process of sending students to participate in clinical studies at health departments in recent years.

Many comments and discussions at the conference correctly assessed the current state of clinical skill teaching, as well as proposed effective solutions to improve the quality of clinical teaching in the upcoming time.

Some contents and solutions discussed at the conference by the delegates contributed to improving the quality of clinical teaching and learning of the university.

Specifically, the delegates agreed to develop training plans and programs with close coordination between the university and hospitals in general, and at Tra Vinh University in particular; coordinate and strengthen the organization of clinical teaching training classes for visiting lecturers; sign the cooperation agreement between the university and the hospitals; develop clinical teaching contents and plans in an overall and practical way, being consistent with the goals and reality; 

Speaking at the conference, Mr. Vo Hoang Khai, Vice-Rector of Tra Vinh university highly appreciated the comments and discussions of the delegates. He pointed out the urgency of improving the quality of current clinical teaching and hoped that medical institutes would continue to accompany the university in creating good conditions for students to participate in learning, contributing to improving the effectiveness of clinical teaching.

“Tra Vinh university will direct specialized units to continue researching and renewing teaching programs and plans, enhance testing, monitor the implementation of teaching method renewing and coordinate well with the institutions that receive students to take part in clinical practice.”, the Vice-Rector of Tra Vinh university confirmed.

On this occasion, representative of the Rector’s Board, Mr. Vo Hoang Khai signed a cooperation agreement to combine the university and the hospitals in the presence of the conference, the leaders of inside and outside health departments, and the leaders of the Consultant Council at Tra Vinh University. The signed contents were discussed and agreed by the delegates, contributing to improving the training quality in general, to students in the health sector in particular, contributing to the enhancement of the effectiveness of clinical teaching and learning.