Connecting students who possess ideas and aspirations to start their own businesses with accomplished former entrepreneurs


TVU – Tra Vinh University organizes an event on the morning of June 18th to connect students with ideas and entrepreneurial projects with successful alumni. The event revolves around the theme “Starting a Career or Starting a Business?” The objective of the event is to foster connections and share knowledge and practical experiences from the entrepreneurial journey of accomplished alumni with students who have ideas or entrepreneurial projects.

The program has participants such as Mr. Pham Van Tam, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of Aloha Saigon Education Joint Stock Company; Mr. Le Hoang Khanh, Director of Thien Khanh Seafood Limited Liability Company; and Mr. Ngo Dinh Khai, Director of CKC Vietnam Production and Trading Limited Liability Company.

Regarding Tra Vinh University, Associate Professor Dr. Nguyen Van Nguyen, Rector of the Faculty of Economics and Law, and Mr. Nguyen Van Vu An, Director of the Provincial Enterprise Incubator and Director of the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, along with over 150 enthusiastic students passionate about entrepreneurship, participate in the event.

During the event, Dr. Nguyen Van Nguyen states, “Today’s event is an opportunity for students passionate about entrepreneurship to connect and learn practical experiences from successful alumni. ‘Starting a career or starting a business?’ is not merely a question or an issue that students face, but rather a journey after graduation that involves learning, training, and self-improvement through entrepreneurial events and programs.”

Mr. Nguyen Van Vu An attends and coordinates the event. He shares the reasons, advantages, and limitations of starting a career or starting a business, as well as the soft skills that students need to possess while still in school. Additionally, he provides highly practical insights from alumni regarding their entrepreneurial journey, starting from the initial steps to their current achievements. He emphasizes how they face and overcome challenges and obstacles such as limited economic conditions and a lack of support from family and friends.

Nguyen Thi Mong Ngan, a student from the 2021 Elementary Education program, shares, “This event provides me with the opportunity to connect with successful alumni who have ventured into entrepreneurship. From them, I learn the necessary skills even while still in school. I will participate in a startup idea competition soon, and I can apply the knowledge gained today to my project.”

During this occasion, students have the opportunity to interact with successful alumni and get their questions answered regarding venturing into entrepreneurship in unrelated fields, skills for raising investment capital, and the necessary skills that need to be accumulated before embarking on an entrepreneurial journey.

By Nhat Hao