Contest of Proficient Pedagogy 2020


(TVU) – The Proficient Pedagogy Competition is one of the annually traditional activities held by the Faculty of Education. This year, the competition took place from December 30 to December 31, including 5 teams competing, total 139 students.

The purpose of the contest is to contribute to improving the quality of teacher training, the level of awareness and equipping students with skills, pedagogical skills, career sense, career love of future teachers.

Opening remarks, TS. Lam Thi Bach Tuyet – Head of the Faculty of Education said: “Pedagogical skills and skills are a necessary condition for students of pedagogy, applying their pedagogical skills will convey their expertise in a scientific and effective way. to learners ”.

This is an opportunity for students of the Faculty of Pedagogy to show off their pedagogical skills, and at the same time learn to improve their experience, practical skills and professional sense.

The teams, in turn, go through 6 exam contents showing their creativity, dynamism and solidarity, including greetings, eloquence, exams and presentation of teaching aids, exams, writing exams for Primary Education major and test handling pedagogical situations.

The organizers awarded the best collective prize to the Primary Education team of Course 17 and the individual and collective awards to the best contestants.

My Nhien