Contest of wrapping Chung and Tet cakes preserves Vietnamese traditional Tet culture


TVU – In the exciting atmosphere of welcoming the Lunar New Year of the Cat, from January 26-29, 2024, Tra Vinh University holds the Contest of wrapping Banh Chung and Banh Tet attracting over 40 competing teams, an occasion for students and lecturers to express their love for their homeland, contributing to preserving and developing traditional cultural values of the nation.

Highlights of the Chung, Tet cakes wrapping contest among students

The contest with the participation of 20 teams from classes, student associations, and clubs, especially with the participation of Cambodian international students, allows the contestants to confidently demonstrate their creativity in wrapping and displaying Tet cakes, creating diverse and colorful artworks.

Mr. Pham Quoc Khanh, Deputy Head of the Student Affairs Department, said the contest is an opportunity for students to demonstrate their creativity and practical skills, a chance to bond, learn from each other, and together preserve and develop the beauty of Vietnam’s traditional culture. The tightly wrapped Tet cakes, placed on lush green banana leaves, are not only meaningful gifts but also symbols of love for the homeland and pride in ethnic culture.

After two rounds of wrapping and display, the Organizing Committee announces the First Prize belongs to the Interprovincial Student Association, with a subtle combination of tradition and modernity in wrapping and display. The Second Prize goes to Cang Long District Student Association, with meticulous and subtle details. The Third Prize is awarded to the 2023 Khmer Language undergraduate class, with perseverance and passion for ethnic culture.


The organizing committee awards 5 encouragement prizes to active participating teams including the Cambodian international student team, student associations, and clubs under the University Student Association.

Lecturer contest of wrapping Banh Chung, Banh Tet shares joy with the community

The contest for lecturers, staff, and workers attracts 23 competing teams. The difference here is that in addition to demonstrating spring cake wrapping skills, the products after the contest are donated to disadvantaged families for the Lunar New Year, spreading the joy of spring to disadvantaged families to enjoy a warm spring.

Thach Thi Dan, Vice-Rector said the contest takes place in the exciting atmosphere of the days near Tet Holiday, demonstrating the solidarity of union members and workers, helping contestants understand the origin and meaning of Banh Tet. The contest is not only an occasion for lecturers to demonstrate their skills and creativity in wrapping Banh Tet but also an opportunity for them to express the spirit of unanimity, solidarity and the feeling of sharing with the surrounding community.

Mr. Nguyen Nhat Thanh, Chairman of the School Trade Union, said that each carefully wrapped cake is not only a material gift but also the spirit of sharing the joy and wishes of peace to disadvantaged families. On this occasion, the School Union visits and donates gifts to the Provincial Social Protection Center including 50 Banh Tet rolls, 30kg of meat and necessities, etc.