Delegation of the Embassy of Japan came and worked at Tra Vinh university

(TVU) – On the morning of June 12th, 2020, Tra Vinh university solemnly welcomed and worked with the delegation of the Embassy of Japan led by Ms. Chuman Ai – Second Secretary of the Cultural Board, Embassy of Japan, accompanied by Mr. Hayashi Mikio, First Secretary of Economic Department and Ms. Huynh Vu Hien, Assistant to Cultural Board. Welcoming the delegation, there were the appearance of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pham Tiet Khanh, Rector of Tra Vinh university, Dr. Nguyen Minh Hoa, Vice Rector and representatives of the departments, offices, and lecturers of Tra Vinh university.
At the meeting, Assoc.Prof. Dr. Pham Tiet Khanh highly appreciated the relationship between Vietnam and Japan in the past years and believed that, with determination and benefits achieved, bilateral relationship of the two countries will continue to develop strongly in the future. That is the basis for Tra Vinh university to continue promoting deeper cooperation with Japanese partners.
Through this visit, the delegations of the Embassy of Japan also want to learn about the teaching and cooperation programs between Tra Vinh university and Japanese universities and research institutions in order to make suitable proposals for further development on the best cooperation among the parties.
In addition, the Embassy of Japan informed more about scholarships and internship programs in Japan at the seminar with students. In particular, MEXT 2021 scholarships with a variety of disciplines and policies for international students in Japan, and provided additional verified scholarship addresses from Japan to avoid falsifying cases which damage to students and lecturers of the university.
This working session will open up many opportunities for students and lecturers in academic exchange and scientific research as well as in signing future cooperation programs between Tra Vinh university and Japan.