Dialogue with students living on campus and awarding scholarships to students with difficult circumstances


TVU – The Dormitory Management Board, Party Cell 29, and Trade Union Group collaborate on June 20, 2023, to organize a dialogue with students residing on the Tra Vinh University campus. They also distribute scholarships to those facing challenging living conditions in the dormitory.

The event serves as an opportunity for leaders, officials, and employees to meet and address the concerns of on-campus students. More than 100 students, representing over 1,700 residents at the Tra Vinh University Dormitory, actively participate in the meeting. Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Tu, Secretary of Party Cell 29 and Head of the Dormitory Management Board, emphasizes that this dialogue provides a platform for leaders to listen, share, and respond to student’s queries. The aim is to develop a green, clean, and intelligent dormitory gradually. The Board is open to recognizing the perspectives and opinions of the students living in the dormitory.

During the dialogue, the dormitory management board receives various inquiries from students, with many questions sent to the Board’s Zalo account. The topics mainly revolve around maintenance, safety and security, equipment refurbishment, and services. Satisfactory responses are provided to address all the questions during the session.

Additionally, on this occasion, Party Cell 29, together with Party Cell 10, Party Cell 13, Party Cell 22, and Party Cell 27, awards 17 scholarships totaling 25,400,000 VND to students in need.

Previously, in honor of the 17th anniversary of Tra Vinh University, the Dormitory Management Board collaborated with the Department of Physical Education within the Faculty of Basic Sciences to organize a friendly soccer match with the International Cooperation Service Joint Stock Company (CICS). On June 19, five boarding students facing challenging circumstances were also presented with scholarships totaling 5,000,000 VND.


Concluding the dialogue, the leader of the Dormitory Management Board expresses gratitude to the Party Cells and companies for providing scholarships to students. The Board acknowledges all student opinions and commits to improving their management activities. Simultaneously, students are encouraged to work together in creating a green, clean, and secure dormitory. The aim is to gradually transform the Tra Vinh University Dormitory into a modern, intelligent, and environmentally-friendly place.

By Lan Anh