Effectively spread the movement “Student of 5 merits”


The academic year 2019 – 2020 is truly a memorable year for the Student Association of Tra Vinh University in the buff deployment and effective spread of the movement “Student of 5 merits” at the school.

Tra Vinh University is one of the educational institutions that always attach unusual importance to and promotes the “Student of 5 merits” movement with many activities associated with the school’s typical “Student of 5 merits” example.

Every year, on the Vietnamese Students and Student Association Traditional Day, January 9th, TVU students cheerfully welcome many meaningful activities to help students develop totally.

Mr. Nguyen Van Tho, Deputy Secretary of the Youth Union, President of the TVU Student Union, said: Over the past years, the “Student of 5 merits” movement has always received TVU students’ enthusiastic support and participation. Many students have become more aware of learning and practicing and have achieved remarkable achievements.

In the coming time, the TVU Student Union continues to propaganda and strongly deploys the movement to all students and introduces the “Student of 5 merits” to businesses, creating conditions for “Student of 5 merits” opportunities to approach businesses after commendation.

Along with propaganda, every year, the school organizes many serviceable activities, seminars, exchange of experiences, and a forum to share secrets on the journey to reach the title. The movement “Student of 5 merits” has become a “brand” to educating students to strive and relentless efforts to achieve.

The specific evidence is that in 2020, TVU has 434 typical students awarded the title “Student of 5 merits” to meet the standards in 05 criteria: Good study, Good ethics, Good integration, Volunteering Good, and Good Fitness. An increase of 85% compared to the number of “Student of 5 merits” in 2019.

Ngoc Thu