Electrical Engineering Technology: Fascinating major for those who passionate about operating machines


Today, the labor market is increasingly stricter, some occupations are always in a state of labor surplus. However, there are still majors with a serious shortage of human resources that can bring many attractive job opportunities for students. Among them, electrical engineering technology (electricity – electronics) is one of the subjects that is forecasted to be very attractive in the future. 

Training program equips practical professional skills for students

Vietnam has been strongly integrating with other major economies in the world. Large companies and corporations tend to shift their economy and invest in our country, such as Intel, Samsung, LG, etc. According to expert forecasts, in the next few years, Vietnam will be one of the major centers for manufacturing electronic products in ASEAN countries. 

Electrical Engineering Technology is one of the very attractive and growing professions. At present, foreign enterprises still lack highly qualified human resources specialized in electricity – electronics. More especially, foreign businesses always require more candidates to have good foreign language ability.

Dang Quoc Thao – Alumni of Electrical Engineering Technology 2012, Tra Vinh University, a staff of Million-Tech Company in Japan commented: “In the past time, TVU has strengthened the linkage with many companies and large enterprises in the electricity – electronics industry such as Duyen Hai Thermal Power Plant, Trung Nam – Tra Vinh Solar Power Farm, SCADA Automation Co., Ltd. (Can Tho), and etc, to support students professional experiences. This is a very good career accessing opportunity for students with advanced machinery and technology that meets the most rigorous requirements. Also, TVU regularly organizes practical learning sessions, sharing professional experiences from good experts and engineers from successful corporations, companies and businesses.”

Friendly learning environment

Not only do the students learn majoring knowledge and skills, but they also practice life skills, teamwork skills, and a friendly working style from the teachers. “Up to now, I still keep in touch and “annoy” teachers when having difficulties or problems in my work and life, and I always receive sincere advice from them”- Quoc Thao confided.

“Besides books and research topics in class, the lecturers are always “gold sponsors” for football tournaments, picnics and parties” – Vo Minh Luyen, student of 2016 Electricity course excitedly shared.

Every year, the School of Engineering and Technology, Tra Vinh University organizes a Robocon contest for students in electricity – electronics and students who love inventions. It is a useful playground for those who have a passion for engineering and technology. The contest not only helps students improve their skills, apply what they have learned into practice, it also helps them learn teamwork skills, know how to assign work, and cooperate to create the best products.

More opportunities to study abroad and have better jobs

After graduating from electrical engineering technology (electricity – electronics), students can work in the sales and management department of electrical products; power generation and transmission; installing and operating automation systems for manufacturing high-tech machines and equipment; designing and constructing lighting electrical networks; operating and distributing electrical systems, warranty, and maintenance of electrical equipment; customer care and consulting department; training, researching … related to the field of electricity – electronics.

Moreover, students at Tra Vinh University are regularly advised on career guidance to expand employment opportunities in Japan through the support of the TVU Job Service Center in coordination with labor export companies.

Studying in Electrical – Electronic Engineering Technology at Tra Vinh University will be the best choice for dynamic young people who have a passion for creativity and love in the field of engineering. More and more TVU students are more successful in studying and working abroad.