Enhance productivity and quality in the field of economics and business administration


(TVU) -Tra Vinh University, along with other institutions, is developing curriculum components to enhance productivity and quality in the field of economics and business administration.

On April 6th, Tra Vinh University welcomes and holds a meeting with the delegations from Foreign Trade University, National Economics University, and Hoa Binh University to discuss the draft syllabus on productivity and quality in the fields of economics and business administration.

Representing Tra Vinh University are Associate Professor Dr. Diep Thanh Tung, Vice Rector of Tra Vinh University; Associate Professor Dr. Nguyen Van Nguyen, Rector of the School of Economics and Law; Mr. Tieu Thanh Thuy, Director of the Center for Excellence in Learning Resources and Innovation; and Dr. Nguyen Thanh Hung, Head of Department of Post Graduate Studies.

The visiting delegations includes Associate Professor Dr. Bui Anh Tuan, Rector of Foreign Trade University; Associate Professor Dr. Vu Hoang Nam, Head of Scientific Management Department at Foreign Trade University; Dr. Ha Xuan Hung, Rector of National Economics University; and Associate Professor Dr. Le Thi Thanh, Head of the Faculty of Economics at Hoa Binh University.

During the meeting, all parties discusses the draft syllabus for managing productivity and quality, which follows the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PCDA) cycle for undergraduate students majoring in economics and business administration. The syllabus consists of four main parts: an overview of productivity and quality improvement management, content and basic tools for measuring productivity and quality, management activities for productivity and quality in enterprises from a holistic management perspective, and state management of productivity and quality. Representatives from each institution provided feedback, suggestions, and amendments on various issues such as learning outcomes, faculty resources, assessment methods, and evaluations.

Associate Professor Dr. Diep Thanh Tung, Vice-Rector, stated that Tra Vinh University is ready to collaborate with other universities in research and curriculum development, as well as sharing resources for the evaluation process of implementing these courses for students.

According to Associate Professor Dr. Bui Anh Tuan, Rector of Foreign Trade University, the Ministry of Science and Technology has assigned Foreign Trade University and other universities to develop syllabi on productivity and quality for teaching purposes. Through discussions, each university has contributed opinions and proposed methods and content for the draft. He also expressed hopes for opportunities to cooperate and exchange with Tra Vinh University on research activities in this field to build and improve the curriculum, which can be implemented in educational institutions as soon as possible.