Enhancing the experience of international students through field trips and experiences


TVU – Enhancing the experience of international students in general and domestic students in particular through cultural exchange activities, visits, and practical experiences is one of the issues raised by Tra Vinh University (TVU) which has paid special attention in recent years.

Choosing a school and a major is always a problem that parents and students spend a lot of time wondering about and making a decision about. That’s why TVU has strived to enhance the practical experience of students and parents through specific activities such as One day as a TVU student, Campus Tour (including a night stay at TVU Dormitory, experience training activities at the Schools, and a visit to Tra Vinh City). Besides, they are able to enjoy practical experience activities at laboratories, Learning Resource Centers, and Schools. Participating in culture, art, and sport exchange activities has also attracted students and parents. Experiential activities at TVU have taken place very excitingly and attracted not only parents and students in the country but also international students.

Pupils of high schools have an enjoyable time with “One day as a TVU student”

From October 2 to October 4, 2022, Tra Vinh University held a Campus Tour – Experience as a student TVU. This activity welcomed about 45 students and teachers of Preah Sisowath High School (NGS – New Generation School), Phnom Penh Capital, the Kingdom of Cambodia to visit and experience the School. The activities to welcome the delegation were carefully prepared by the units very early.

The delegation of Tra Vinh University welcomed the delegation of Preah Sisowath High School at the dormitory on the afternoon of October 2, 2022


Students of Preah Sisowath High School visit the dormitory of Tra Vinh University on the afternoon of October 2, 2022

The event took place on October 3, 2022, the same day as the New Students Welcome Day 2022 with many activities such as Voluntary Blood Donation Day, cross-country tournament, local specialty food stalls, booths displaying TVU’s scientific research achievements and products, music programs and games…

Tra Vinh University welcomes new students for the academic year 2022 with many exciting activities

On this occasion, the students of Preah Sisowath High School, Cambodia participated in practical experiences at Tra Vinh University Dormitory. They also got to immerse themselves in the exciting atmosphere of the activities to welcome new students along with activities to visit Tra Vinh city, the Schools, the Learning Resource Center, the creative space building, the Lab room, laboratories, and TVU hospital.

In addition, Laboratory School welcomed Preah Sisowath High School through the exchange of agreements, signing of a memorandum of understanding, and a football competition between students of the two schools on the afternoon of the same day.

The delegation paid a visit and worked at Laboratory School on the afternoon of October 3, 2022


Students of Laboratory School and Preah Sisowath High School prepare for a football competition (live photo at Laboratory School on the afternoon of October 3, 2022)

In particular, on the evening of October 3, 2022, there was a Gala Dinner between the two schools and a program of signing a memorandum of understanding between Laboratory School and Preah Sisowath High School in the field of education. This was also an opportunity for students, students, and teachers of the two schools to learn, exchange culture, music, and cooperation exchange.

The practical experiences of international students at Tra Vinh University help them gain practical knowledge about culture and society, as well as learning experiences at Tra Vinh University, along with private activities. Moreover, admission and career guidance will help students and parents have an additional reference channel to make decisions about choosing a major and a school.

Practical experience activities of students and teachers of Preah Sisowath High School, Cambodia will be continuously updated on Fanpage https://www.facebook.com/TraVinhUniversity.TVU

By Phuong Diem