Exchange with the actors of the movie “Lật mặt 6: Tấm vé định mệnh”


TVU – On the evening of June 2nd, the Youth Union and Student Association of Tra Vinh University organized an exchange with the actors Diệp Bảo Ngọc, Thanh Thức, and Huỳnh Thi from the movie “Lật mặt 6: Tấm vé định mệnh”. The event attracts over 1000 students to take part in it.

At the exchange event, the audience had the opportunity to hear sharing from the actors Diệp Bảo Ngọc (as Liên), Thanh Thức (as An), and Huỳnh Thi (as Lộc) from the movie “Lật mặt 6: Tấm vé định mệnh”.

They shared insights about the film, answered various questions from the audience, and there were exciting gifts given away. Additionally, they performed the song “My friends” from the movie as a special gift for the audience.

Actor Thanh Thức stated, “Compared to previous works by Lý Hải, Lật mặt 6 has a more complex screenplay structure, with more development in intense and captivating scenes. Many challenging segments required sacrifice and passion to achieve vivid and realistic shots, attracting the audience’s attention.”


Sharing about the success and inspiring students, actor Diệp Bảo Ngọc said, “I don’t have any extraordinary secrets for success. To achieve success, you need to have a serious attitude and passion for what you pursue. From there, accumulate knowledge, skills, and experience; success will smile upon you.”

As for actor Huỳnh Thi, this was his first time visiting Trà Vinh and interacting with the students of Tra Vinh University. Huỳnh Thi expressed his gratitude to the audience for their support and affection towards the film crew. He hoped that the audience would continue to support the “Lật mặt” film projects in the future.

Student Lê Tuấn Kiệt, from the Medical University, Class B, 2022, shared: “Having the opportunity to exchange with the actors in the film helps us understand more about the profession and the sacrifices made to create a film that serves the audience. Through this experience, students realize the importance of accumulating knowledge, skills, and passion for our future careers.”

The exchange event serves as a bridge to bring the audience closer to the artists through sharing insights about their professional journeys. Students better understand creating an exceptional film with realistic scenes that reflect real-life experiences. It makes them appreciate the value of life and helps them define their responsibilities in pursuing education, as the young generation of Tra Vinh University strives to do.

In the afternoon of the same day, Associate Professor Phạm Tiết Khánh, Party Secretary, and Chairman of the University Council, hosted a reception for actors Diệp Bảo Ngọc, Thanh Thức, and Huỳnh Thi. During the meeting, Associate Professor Phạm Tiết Khánh expressed gratitude to the three actors for exchanging and inspiring the students of Tra Vinh University. The Chairman of the University Council hoped that the skills and experiences shared by the actors during the exchange would provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the inspiring content they share.

By Nhat Hao