Exchanging experiences on environmental protection between TVU student and the Tzu Chi Foundation in Vietnam


On December 20, 2020, Tra Vinh University and the Tzu Chi Foundation in Vietnam co-organized an exchange program with the topic ‘10 fingers to protect the environment and methods of making enzymes’.

In the beginning, 13 Associations and Clubs together with more than 200 students from Tra Vinh University take part in exchange activities and share about 10 risks that affect people in terms of global warming. Five best answers are awarded at the end of the program.

The representative of Tzu Chi Foundation shares with the students the way to protect the environment through simple actions and daily habits, such as eating vegetarian food, saving electricity, planting trees, classifying and collecting waste.

‘Scrap can turn into gold, gold can turn into love, love can turn into the stream and the stream will flow around the globe.’ This saying makes me interested. Every day the amount of waste has been increased causing serious environmental pollutions. But as long as the students know how to build a civilized lifestyle and become the pioneers who know how to classify waste, we will be able to create friendly products and positively contribute to the environment.”, Nguyen Thi Tieu Mi, Head of the Environmental Club, said.

Vo Hong Duc, a student of Industrial Electricity- course 2017, said: ‘The program is very practical to help students understand more about the meaning of environmental protection, and to guide how to make probiotics from fruit peels to contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and ways to classify plastic waste.’

Protecting the environment is not a difficult task that everyone can do by separating waste and recycling them into useful products in life.