Experts from Well Group teaches trial rehabilitation program sponsored by JICA


(TVU) – Tra Vinh General Hospital and Tra Vinh University Hospital are currently hosting a pilot (trial) training program on rehabilitation for patients with hemiplegia after a cerebrovascular accident and knee osteoarthritis. The program is being conducted by experts from WellGroup Corporation.

Tra Vinh University and Well Consulting Group, a division of WellGroup, have entered into a collaboration agreement to facilitate this program. The pilot classes of the rehabilitation human resource development program are being attended by Dr. Nakatani Atsushi and Dr. Kuno Hiroshi, physical therapy specialists with 20 years of teaching and working experience in healthcare facilities, Mr. Nakandakari Ryo, a researcher at the Faculty of Health Sciences Research at KIO University, and Mr. Nguyen Thanh Tu.

The theoretical class takes place in the administrative room of the Department of Rehabilitation at Tra Vinh Provincial General Hospital
The practical class takes place in the movement therapy room of the Department of Rehabilitation at Tra Vinh Provincial General Hospital

The program includes healthcare staff from the Provincial General Hospital of Tra Vinh and 22 Rehabilitation students from the School of Medicine and Pharmacy at Tra Vinh University

The functional rehabilitation experts from WellGroup Corporation are collaborating with instructors and students

The trainees highly appreciate the practicality of the training sessions and the patient care techniques taught. The initial feedback and evaluations from the pilot class, along with the theoretical training and practice facilities, will serve as a foundation for coordinating and organizing classes in the pilot program for Rehabilitation students and healthcare staff in this field from September to December 2023.

By Tran Tram