Exploring Agriculture at Tra Vinh University


While the country is increasingly moving in the industrial direction, the students who intend to study agriculture are confused about what would they do after graduation?

The sector has a high applicability

The industry and service field have more and more strong changes, the contribution of the agricultural sector in the structure of the economy also has a positive impact.

At Tra Vinh University, Agriculture has high applicability that creates value for food materials, food serving for labor and production.

Dr. Trinh Ngoc Ai, Deputy Head of the Department of Agriculture and Aquaculture said that when studying in this major, students can learn knowledge in agricultural and seedling techniques; management of agricultural production.  In addition, students are fully equipped with knowledge and skills related to pest management, soil, water, and crop nutrition towards sustainable farming, in line with the global climate change context. Occupational skills related to management, agribusiness development, risk assessment, and value chain analysis of agricultural products in the context of global commercialization are also featured in the training program.

The experiment farm helps students to freely research

With ​​more than one hectares of agricultural land, TVU experimental farm is equipped fully to meet the teaching and cultivation research of lecturers and TVU students.

Ms. Tri Thi Rang Say, a student of the Agricultural Class 2018, said that students have many opportunities to access plant varieties and practical models at the farm in the studying period. The farm where helps students freely explore, produce and research varieties of plants.

In the ongoing scientific research project named “Trial planting of 3 potted heat-resistant varieties of strawberries in Tra Vinh province”, Tran Thi Huynh Nhu, a student of the Agricultural Class 2017, said: “The agriculture industry has many interesting things. Through the learning process, students can discover at TVU and have an interest in the job.

Tran Thi Huynh Nhu successfully plants 3 varieties of heat-resistant strawberries at the experimental farm

Career opportunities for plant enthusiasts

Career opportunities are an issue that agricultural students are interested in. After graduating from agriculture, students have the opportunity to do an in-depth study of agricultural engineering, socio-economy, get access to advanced agricultural techniques through Coop training programs, international student exchange programs, or internship programs in Israel.

Students can be technical staffs, consultants, managers, a researcher in the field of farming, rural development, and self-employed or work in state agencies specializing in the agricultural sector.

Graduated in Agriculture at Tra Vinh University in 2019 and currently working in Japan, Mr. Tran Di Khang said that when studying agriculture at Tra Vinh University, he learned more about crops, pets, also integrated many other additional skills to support the profession.

Agreeing with Mr. Di Khang, Mr. Mai Chi Tam, alumni of agriculture course 2015 said that studying at TVU, students have many opportunities to access modern equipment, machines, and advanced techniques at the experimental farm serving for the experience and research.

Currently, Mr. Chi Tam is working as a plant fertilizer technician at a company specializing in the field of crop fertilizers, headquartered in Quang Nam province.

Mr. Tram Minh Thuan – Alumnus of TVU, successfully starts his business with the model of high quality rice named “Hat Ngoc Rong” 

The recent alumnus, Mr. Tram Minh Thuan, returned to his hometown to start a business and joined the Long Hiep agricultural cooperative establishment (Tra Cu district, Tra Vinh province). This cooperation has the model of raising a commercially produced earthworm, clean rice production, and organic shrimp farming. He earns more than 2.2 billion VND / year, becoming an excellent young farmer in the 4.0 era.

Opportunities are always available at any time, so ambitiously, confidently, and quickly choose to study agriculture at Tra Vinh University.

Ngoc Thu