Faculty Exchange Program between Tra Vinh University (TVU) and Southern Leyte State University (SLSU)


TVU – The faculty exchange program between Tra Vinh University and partner universities in the Philippines is receiving active interest from university officials. In April 2024, Tra Vinh University sends three lecturers (Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ly Thi Thu Lan – Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture – Aquaculture, M.Sc. Nguyen Kim Phung – Deputy Director of the Postharvest Technology Center and M.Sc. Nguyen Thi Hien – Lecturer at the Postharvest Technology Center) to participate in a short-term exchange program at SLSU, from March 30 to April 7, 2024.

Photo: Dr. Jude A. Duarte, President of SLSU, and the Heads and Deputy Heads of units welcome the delegation from Tra Vinh University.

In the program, the Tra Vinh University delegation shared information about the School of Agriculture—Aquaculture at Tra Vinh University with the lecturers and students of Southern Leyte State University. The lecturers from both sides exchanged information about research related to postharvest technology, food, and product development.

Photo: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ly Thi Thu Lan shares research related to postharvest technology with SLSU students.

Photo: Exchanging with SLSU students.

In addition, the TVU lecturers have field trips and surveys of food technology facilities in the Philippines, such as:

Photo: Visit to the food technology laboratory.

Photo: Visit to the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences.

Photo: Visit to a tea production facility.

Photo: Finished cacao products.

Photo: Visit to a cacao production facility.

Through the field trips and working sessions with SLSU lecturers, the program brings useful results, opening up many development opportunities and laying the groundwork for the upcoming international cooperation strategy, such as the student exchange program, Research on some local products (wax apple), adding fiber to food, fermented probiotic-enriched beverages from pomelo, star fruit, dragonfruit; Combining online teaching of some specific subjects such as Food Product Development, Technical English; Organizing workshops, publishing scientific articles of the two universities.

The program has successfully brought useful results while strengthening the relationship between Tra Vinh University and Southern Leyte State University.

Photo: Dr. Jude A. Duarte, President of SLSU, along with the heads and deputy heads of units, will be in the program review session with the delegation from Tra Vinh University.