Faculty of Agriculture and Aquaculture of TVU held the workshop on “Sensory Analysis of Food”


In order to help students with the knowledge on evaluation of food, in the evening of February 2nd, 2012, Faculty of Agriculture and Aquaculture held a workshop on “Sensory Analysis of Food” for students majoring in Post-harvest and Seafood processing which was presented by Ms. Laura-Marie Russell-Hill, an intern from Canada.

At the workshop, Ms. Laura introduced the details about sensory analysis of food such as helping students understand the definition of sensory evaluation, the necessity of sensory evaluation in industry, types of test, the selection of panallists, etc.

With her knowledge trained in Canada, she helped students understand more clearly about this topic. Also, the students attended the workshop had a chance to discuss and gave questions to have a deeper understanding on sensory evaluation of food. All of the questions are given satisfied answers by Ms Laura and other lectures.

Giving presentations at some workshops of the Faculty of Agriculture & Aqua-culture is one of the major jobs during the time of her intern at TVU. Through these workshops, Ms. Laura helped students implement some knowledge, have more experience and gave them a chance to contact with people who studied in a developed country. Expected in the second week of February, 2012, Ms. Laura will present another workshop on soft skills for the students of this Faculty.

Written by Huynh Trang